pork chops and


Before we hit the sauce  ;) I am out of sorts and here’s the story:

I have been getting ready for a busy weekend – not only is Vicki arriving for our trip to Rhinebeck, but so is D#1 and two college friends who are all coming here for a fall break.  When I first realized that this break coincided with the festival, I was going to cancel my trip.  But then I figured I can do both – bloggers & sheep Saturday and Sunday, daughter & friends Monday and Tuesday.  There has been a flurry of cleaning, changing of sheets and grocery shopping. 

Further adding to the mental tumult is D#2 taking the PSAT’s on Saturday —- I know that Boar is a fully functioning adult, but still.  It is on my mind.  And did I mention that D#1 is driving home?  A seven hour trip?  Her first big road trip?  Yes, I realize that she is also one of these so-called fully functioning adults with a license and everything.  But really.

And then the rain.  I have a secret suspicion that we are being smoted.

Which brings me to yesterday.  I was on the phone with Cara – chatting away about the upcoming fun when I fight broke out.  And not with Cara.  Although, I think I could take her — she may be young and scrappy, but I’m older and heavier.  Plus, I’m brawny.

The fight was a dog affair.  In one corner we have Bridget —– who is always, always involved in these fights.  And in the other was Poe.  Who has been relentless in his pursuit of Bridget and has been smacked repeatedly. 

There I am on the phone with Cara when all of a sudden the dogs are yowling, Poe is doing a doggy scream and I am letting out a stream of cursing and screaming.

Do you know that Cara already wasn’t a fan of dogs?  I think this seals the deal.

I did end up taking Poe to the vet.  He is going to be okay —– a burst blood vessel in his eye (omg!!) and a cut on his chin.

This has aged me about five years.

So I am out of sorts, but am hoping that this will diminish as the day goes on …… and if it doesn’t well tonight, Kathleen and Peggy are coming over to do some knitting.  Vicki will have safely arrived. I will be drinking.  Beer.

The original point of this post was to show you some applesauce.  I am making a pork roast for dinner tonight – complete with sauerkraut and applesauce.  People are amazed at the homemade applesauce.  I am amazed that they don’t know how f-ing simple it is.

Applesauce_003Applesauce_005 Applesauce_007 Applesauce_008

peel & slice, just barely cover with water, bring to a boil & simmer until soft

Applesauce_009 Applesauce_010 Applesauce_011

drain of a bit of water if it seems too soupy, mash, sugar & cinnamon, and a dash of vanilla and/or lemon juice!

And knitting, let’s not forget the knitting —- I have made progress on the front of Halcyon – almost through my first pattern repeat. I have also finished another pair of RetroRib socks and started a pair of Railroad Socks (another pattern by Evelyn Clark!)

5 thoughts on “pork chops and

  1. If I wasn’t so afraid of the dog fighting ring you’ve got going on out there, I’d say swing by and pick me up! I’m going to be cleaning toilets all day eating frozen and you’re making a PORK ROAST with homemade applesauce?!? Geesh.

    You could totally take me. I’m all about the peace.

    And seriously those were some scary ass sounds coming out of YOU and the dog. Hope Poe feels better.

  2. awww annie, you never sound stressed like this! wish i could help you. How is Poe now? give him a little pork that always makes cosmo feel good! And i am going to try that applesauce! yum! tell d2 Hi for me, im sure she did great! xo

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