Freedom of Speech

Let’s get right to it, shall we?

Rhinebeck_2005_004 Rhinebeck_2005_005_1


The first is a Brooks Farm 50/50 wool/silk four ply.  I would like to make a sweater for myself – a basic pattern that lets the yarn do the talking.  All ideas are welcomed.

Secondly and another Brooks Farm find is Harmony, a hand dyed  wool/silk/mohair blend.  I have in mind an oversized shawl/wrap with the potential for heavy fringe.  Again, any ideas?

And lastly a Socks that Rock extravaganza.  I bought these at The Fold.

If you have cruised around Blogland you may have heard about a certain someOne who, when she was not asking wheel makers if she could feel their wood, was very busy trying to start a stampede.  And they say I’m a trouble maker?? 

This One darted amongst the crowd shouting out to any and all THEY ARE GOING TO RUN OUT OF SOCKS THAT ROCK.  GO RIGHT NOW. DUDE.  SERIOUSLY.   (my use of the word dude should indicate to you the veracity of what I am saying)  I am sure that the town of Rhinebeck will have some ordinance on the books in no time to prevent this kind of public mayhem. 

I was not immune to the rising tide of panic.  I bought enough sock yarn for a family of octopi.

Tomorrow, pictures of purchased doo-dads and what-nots.

11 thoughts on “Freedom of Speech

  1. DUDE – you didn’t even try to resist. In fact, the bodies you trampled over may still be lying there, reaching for the last skein.


    PS – did you see Jen’s picture of Oscar? YOU.WILL.DIE. Even I think it’s cute!

  2. I got some of the Brooks Farm Four Play, too, and I’m planning to make the Hourglass Sweater from Last Minute Knitted Gifts from it. I cannot WAIT to get started – just have to finish the pesky sweater that’s *already* on the needles.

    There is not a single skein of socks that rock that is not gorgeous – I restrained myself to one skein, but other Blue Moon goodies found their way home with me, too.

  3. I love the fold. Toni was so accomadating when I showed up with my two kids and old dog. it was summer we were camping and I could not keep Molly in the car. Husband was in Europe. She got Molly water and produced her son to entertain the girls so I could shop. She has great stuff. it’s the best place to buy fiber that I know of in five states. Glad you had fun Rinebeck.

  4. Oh, Ann, you are going to love knitting that Four Play. I just finished a sweater using it and loved every moment of making it. Your sock yarn looks amazing, too (as does the haul from everyone who visited Toni).

    Aw, so Cara liked Oscar’s pic, eh? {mwah!} When can we expect a new Poe pic??

  5. Hrmph! I keep seeing things that other people bought, I didn’t, and now wonder if I should. BUT-I so house a mighty generous stash (and helped myself to so much sock yarn this weekend that you’d think I had eight feet myself) so I think I’m good for a year or so. Six months anyway.

    It was so great to meet you this weekend! I really hope this becomes a yearly thing for all of us. Now, go knit!

  6. Hi! I surfed over here from a link on Dorothy’s blog…I LOVE the sock yarn you bought but I am especially enamored with the three skeins on the right…would you be kind enough to tell me what the names of those colorways are?

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