spotted in Rhinebeck

Rhinebeck_2005_009 Rhinebeck_2005_010_1

Nuns That Rock!

Nuns buying yarn.

Bright, lime green sock yarn.

makes you wonder what else is happening under all that yardage….


spinners being born

and lest you think it was a sea of sheep…..

Rhinebeck_2005_027 Rhinebeck_2005_032

rabbits & reindeer??

6 thoughts on “spotted in Rhinebeck

  1. Oh, that Cara. It’s all about HER, isn’t it? Yes, Cara, we all noticed the HANGNAIL!!! ;-D

    I wonder if they wear Victoria’s Secret underwear under those robes…

  2. Heh. We got the nuns, we got the buns, waiting for the puns …

    My apologies. It’s late and I’ve been knitting with ACKrylic all night and I’m really not myself.

  3. Darn, I just realized that I never commented on this post as intended. I love, love, love the picture of the hands — teacher and student and yarn and wheel. All good things!

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