a pop quiz

A Word Problem:

Ann the Knitter would like to present her Boar with a sweater ….. for Christmas.  Ann the Knitter has completed the back section.  She is within five rows of completing the second pattern repeat on the front portion of the sweater.  The pattern repeat is a 24 row affair and there will need to be a total of six pattern repeats for the front.  The sleeves will also have their very own pattern repeats.  Ann the Knitter is averaging 5 rows per day.  Should Ann pick up a Home Depot gift card?

Discuss amongst yourselves…..

12 thoughts on “a pop quiz

  1. I suck at word problems, but here goes:

    If Ann will truly knit 5 rows per day, the front will be completed by the end of November, leaving 2 weeks at the beginning of December for the sleeving and sewing up.

    So the real question it, what is the probability of Ann actually knitting an avg. of 5 rows per day on the same project for some 44 days?

    Steve has expressed interest in a sweater. He may be waiting until January to witness its beginning.

  2. Ew, Ali was just telling me how much trouble she’s still having with word problems, and I guess I can see why!! But, even with some quick, not really doing the math calculations, I believe you could get it done with time for seaming and blocking, even (rather than draping the pieces over the recipient, as was once done by one of my sisters). Five rows per day. Is that like five fruits/veggies per day?

  3. Dude. I have a husband with a 54″ chest who has asked for a sweater. All cabled and stuff.

    I promised to make it from scratch, including spinning the yarn.

    If I think ~I~ can finish that for NEXT Christmas, I certainly think you can finish yours for this one.

  4. Home Depot is open up until and including Christmas Eve. What you need to decide is whether or not you are willing to take on the stress. I would give it a go and not make this decision until December. You might actually have some great knitting time where you get 8 or 10 rows in on a few days……. You just never know.

  5. Hmmm, interesting question… I think you’ll finish Boar’s sweater before I finish Bramble Berry if that makes you feel better. :) (Ok, it probably doesn’t, but we both sat our sweaters down for an extended hiatus right?)

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