I think I am a communist…..


How great are you guys?  Yesterday’s little word problem started off being rhetorical.  My immediate reaction to  "will this get finished in time?" was hell no.  After reading all of your comments, full of practical ideas and encouragement, now it’s more of a well maybe

Vicki has made me realize that there are different levels of being done.  Not all that long ago I took a bit of teasing over my philosphy that "done" means it’s off the needles.  Where did that philosophy go?  And why not apply it to this project?  Hell, I could even wrap the parts of this sweater in different boxes ….. he would think it was a Christmas Bonanza!  ooooooo a sleeve and look, what’s this …. another sleeve?!!!!

So I will diligently knit away on this.  Every now and again I have to set it aside because of hand cramps (this yarn is a bit stiff and giving me some aches and pains).  I have discovered that knitting a row on a sock project helps loosen up my hands.


Do you see how my stitches seem to veer off to the left?  Kathleen has told me this is called biasing.  For the moment, I am not going to try and correct the problem.  I haven’t noticed this happening before, so I am hoping that it is just something to do with me and this particular pattern.

does this leftward leaning make me a liberal knitter?

7 thoughts on “I think I am a communist…..

  1. I don’t know if it makes you a liberal knitter, but I’ve done rib patterns that leaned off to one side or the other, too. I love the yarn.

    (Pssssst, Bakerina is knitting!)

  2. I think wrapped nested boxes with the smallest containing a picture of the sweater or its component parts with a note that it will be presented in one piece before the spring thaw might be a perfect gift. ;)

  3. Hee, glad to be of assistance.

    Now that I think back on it, there was more than one sister, more than one sweater, more than one Christmas when a “gift” was in various stages of being not finished — like wrapped with a bow while still on the needles, even!

  4. Are you knitting combination (or as some people call it “lazy purling”) in the round? I used to and couldn’t figure out why my flat knitting was fine but my circular knitting was biasing.

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