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I forgot to show you the funny tag that Vicki made for me.  She brought it to Rhinebeck for me to wear. The other picture is the back of something that my Secret Pal sent.  Do you see a trend?  Do you think they share a certain opinion about me??

This weekend was the big Secret Pal reveal.  My faithful readers will know that my packages arrived from everywhere, with tantilizing little messages.  They also know that there seemed to be a conspiracy – a vast consipiracy of bloggers in on this ruse

These women had organized themselves not against me exactly, but in such a way as to drive me crazy.  Like a big game of monkeyinthemiddle, with me playing the roll of chimp.  (which I did beautifully I might add) 

without further ado, let me show you the email I sent to my pal on Saturday. 

OMG!  My package just arrived today Margene. **I still cannot believe it is/was Margene! In fact, it arrived about five minutes ago.  I was out front with the Boar, he  manning the rake and I pushing around our chipper shredder when the mailman pulled up.  Boar goes to get the mail and when I see there is a box, I stop everything and go running inside with the fabulous loot.  **truth be told, I did not go running inside.  I grabbed that box and dropped to the ground with it, tearing at the tape to get it opened.  There I was grappling with the box in the middle of the lawn while the chipper shredder was still revving in high gear.  When I could not manage to break the tape, I still did not go running inside, but instead reached for a stick to stab at the tape. Boar had to help me – and then he started helping himself to some Jr. Caramels!  That was when I went inside – to keep Boar away from my candy!  I mean honestly, I’m not expected to share this stuff, am I?  (actually, he is back out there doing those leaves while I am inside!)  I have my mouth stuffed with caramels and I am going through the box, completely convinced it is Cara.  The stickers, the candy, the card …… but the inside card seemed strange – was she telling me it wasn’t her?  I go through all the stuff again —- it’s got to be Cara.  Eat some more candy.  Go through everything again.  I am sure it is Cara.  hmmmm.  Read the card again, and again.  This time slowly and carefully and I see the part where it says if I am still stumped (which I am) the answer lies further in the book.
I just about choked on the caramels!  I cannot believe it’s not Cara!  I only just recently started suspecting you …….  you guys and You especially, really fooled me good!!  Once blogland  (what I like to call my 12 readers!) hears this story they will find out that you are not in fact a Zen Master, but a trickster!  what a bunch of sneaky ones you all are.
needless to say, I adore every single thing you sent.  I especially love the book —- not only is it signed by Nancy, but it’s signed by you!!  You really really busted the better pal budget though and I wouldn’t be surprised if they throw you out for thumbing your nose at the rules.  I am sure when I post all the pictures about my wonderful presents on Monday everyone will be very jealous – no zen in blogland on Monday!!
thank you thank you thank you!
I could go on and on I love it all so much, but the sound of that chipper shredder is getting on my conscience …….

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Thank you Margene!!  You may not be quite the ever calm, all knowing wise sage I had you pegged for, but you certainly are the Best Secret Pal!

and also a big thank you to all of you co-conspirators out there – you know who you are and now I know who you are! quit giggling.

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  1. It was SO much fun to have co-conspirators aid and abet me in my secret. It would not have been as fun with out Katy, Norma, Cara and Vicki. At the last minute Teresa came up with the tea pot. It was TOTALLY her idea nd from her. We thought it might be a nice bit of icing on the cat. So, that teapot will have to be rename Teresa! It was a blast and so much fun to tease and watch you squirm as you tried to figure this out. Humor is a zen thing, too;-) Thank you everyone for making a fun BP exchange. More on my blog tomorrow.

  2. Hehehehe. I got JCs out of it too.

    And I’m still trying to figure out how to get your voicemail message onto the blog. I WILL DO IT!

    You are the best person to tease – hands down. Seriously. Don’t ever let anyone tell you different. As good as you can dish it out – you take it even better. I love that about you! ;-)

  3. Yeah, what Cara and all them said. I’ll bet a voodoo doll would work good, too. ; ) Though I think it’s true, what someone said along the way: It takes a village to torture Ann!

    Seriously, it was a complete and total BLAST! We all had so much fun and, yeah, “humor is a zen thing” — we got to know the other size of Margene a little better, too!

    Mwah! (Love the Bear Poo!)

  4. Thank GOD this is over. Now will you stop torturing me to tell you? I’ve known for months because NORMA told me. But you never figured that out, did you? Hee hee hee.

  5. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha…I *loved* the whole conspiracy thing. How fun! Of course, it would make me loony-batty-crazy-pants if someone did it to me! ;)

    Go Margene!

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