knitting conditions


My weekend was spent doing two things ….. raking leaves and working on Halcyon.  I am thrilled and slightly stunned frankly to report that the first sleeve is done and I am onto the second.  I didn’t think I would have a chance in hell of finishing this for Christmas and it is looking like it might happen – possibly with time to spare!  hope I didn’t just jinx myself.

As soon as I finish this entry, I will be off to the grocery store to start the Thanksgiving preparations.  For the first time in maybe forever, it will be just the Boar, Girls and me.  I am so excited to have it be just us – we will be going to a friend’s house for dessert.  We have always had company, or been company.  Not that I don’t like company, but this is a welcome change.  And it is a guilt free change.  Everyone else (all the extended family) has flown the coop!

It is giving me such a happy good cozy feeling and now the weather report is for snowshowers.  That will be the icing on the cake – the whip cream on the pie – the stuffing in the bird –

all you bloggers out there, I know you take pictures of your projects, but do you save the specs anywhere but on your blog?  I am thinking it would be a good idea to keep a file on my computer.

12 thoughts on “knitting conditions

  1. You are so going to get dope slapped by the Knitting Goddess. You know better than to speak positively about a work in progress!
    I don’t keep files of my projects but I should. Sounds like a New Year’s resolution in the making.

  2. you mean you aren’t sad and disappointed that we aren’t coming down for thanksgiving? only kidding. you are entering a new phase of holiday celebrations and there will be even more changes to come as i am sure you know.

  3. Way to go!! No jinx, no way. You Can Do It.

    I received a Smith & Hawken catalog over the weekend and it may have pulled me out of the Scrooge-y slump I’ve been in… the holidays are a’changing, our family dynamics, too. I figure I deserve a few Scrooge years (encompassing all cold-weather holidays) — time to bank energy for when there are wee ones to get excited for again. Someday. Maybe. Not yet.

  4. I have to say I laugh everytime you say the Boar.

    Got to get my hubby a good name like that.

    Does he know he’s the Boar?

    Do you have the expression ‘useless as tits on a boar’ out here?

    Just free-associating in your comments space,
    Happy T-day, xox Kay

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