I got a new gadget!  I have been in the market for something like this and a friend found it for me at Lowe’s (for less $$ too!).

Now I am all toked up on lattes…

D#1 gets home tonight!  I am inordinately excited – I have visions of us sitting around sipping hot chocolate wearing our footie pj’s.  The reality will be – she is going out with friends, while I fold her laundry….. and sip hot chocolate.

plus, I don’t have footie jams.  But there will be hot chocolate.

7 thoughts on “

  1. I didn’t fold Katie’s laundry LAST weekend, but did the weekend BEFORE — and she was SO appreciative (she thanked me profusely last weekend) that I will definitely do it again. Someday.

    ; )

  2. ann, i was feeling so yulk this morning, i know you told me about the new gadget, but i swear its all a fog. Tell me more tell me more…. I IooVVVeee hot chocolate. Enjoy your baby, i bet she does spend time with you. xo

  3. Yummm. I love me some hot chocolate. With whipped cream and lots of marshmallows!
    Have fun with the family – even if they only stick around for five seconds.

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