The turkey is relaxing in its briny bath.  This will be my third year making the turkey this way – I follow this recipe to the letter and make the gravy too.  Our very own Bookish Girl is going to try this recipe – sans the gizzardy bits.  Maybe once she gets a few Thanksgivings under her belt, she will try the gizzardy bits.  They really do make a fantastic gravy.

Now I will begin to make the dessert.  Kathleen thinks I only dress up Costco cheesecakes …… ha!  We are actually going to a friend’s house for dessert and I will be bringing this along, otherwise I would offer to save her some leftovers.  Oh well …… I shall take a picture or two with which to torment her.  she probably doesn’t like cranberries anyway.  But I bet she’s a sucker for compote.  Check it out – cranberry cheesecake.

D#1 is home safe and sound.  And she really didn’t have all that much laundry – one load’s worth.  But we’ve already had the hot chocolate.  By the way, that machine makes wicked good cocoa. I went through ¾ of a gallon of milk yesterday.

Some was spent making lattes, but it certainly doesn’t bode well.

anyway, it is off to the kitchen for me…… I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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  1. Oh for the love of all that is holy Ann! That is a positively EVIL thing to post. I have enough to do rather than think about wanting to make this cheesecake! Bad, wicked, naughty Ann!

    Seriously though it sounds scruptious!

    Have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving!

  2. Hey Chunkilicious ONE! Have a great bird day!

    I’ll try really hard to refrain from making a comment about the fact that you have the cheesecake link on the page twice. That’s an interesting way to make Turkey.

    Goofy heart thing. L, C

  3. Happy Thanksgiving!

    Mmmmmm, cheesecake is my #1 favorite! Yum.

    Isn’t Wendy adorable? Are you her Thanksgiving mentor? Capable hands… I have no worries now.

  4. It sounds like you have a great holiday in the works, Ann! I made that same turkey recipe for Christmas last year and it was a HUGE hit, I totally understand going back to the same recipe when it turns out like that :-)

    I hope you and your family have a wonderful turkey day!

  5. I survived!! I survived!!! I’m not sure it was the best Thanksgiving I ever had. But I got through it. I think the turkey was okay – it may have been a bit over cooked. Write it off to beginners un-luck. More details to follow soon. Thank you for the advice. Happy T-day!!!

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