Guess what??!!  Halcyon is blocking!  it’s true, it’s true – the sweater is almost done – only seaming and the neck edge to go!

So I have been thinking about this Pi Shawl.  It occurs to me that the knitter lady might not have heard of a Pi Shawl.  That unless her pattern specifically stated Pi Shawl, she would think she was simply knitting a circular shawl.  Furthermore, when she runs into me at the Dr’s office and I ask her about Pi, she might not have thought I was a knitter, but instead thought I was a mathematician!  who knows ….. but the end of the story is that no matter how I contorted myself, she never noticed my socks. 

Also the other end of the story is that seeing this Pi Shawl in person has confirmed what I always suspected — those things are weird looking.  I just don’t understand the point of it — you go to the trouble of knitting a gigantic circle but to wear it you have to double it over.  Why not just knit a triangular shawl?

Furthermore, I think it only looks good on Pre-raphealite models posing in field of larkspur.  On post-raphealite ladies wearing velour tracksuits in dr’s offices – not so good.

and babies, I am only a tracksuit away……

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  1. Heee! A tracksuit with her shawl? Really??? My kids always say that those circular shawls remind them of tablecloths or big doilies. Gotta say, they’ve got a point. Double-duty knitting that way, though; gotta maybe love that!

  2. Um…I’ve heard people say that shawls are appropriate to wear with just about anything, but surely there are limitations.

    You’re blocking Halcyon and haven’t posted pictures? What is wrong with you, woman?

  3. Congrats on the completion of the sweater knitting! That is a feat indeed–you’ll be wearing that badboy for Xmas!

    I made a Pi Shawl last year in Cotton Fine–it can be a shawl OR a tablecloth. That’s my kinda round knitting!

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