So Vicki and Cara are doing this 10 things meme.  Since I am too lazy to take a picture of that sweater (I promised Snowball that I would post a pic, lucky she is a plucky gal and has dealt with far more crushing disappointments) I have put together a five little known things about Vicki and Cara list.  These are observations made as their traveling companion to Rhinebeck ……


  1. she will mock your giant bowl of french fries – and then help herself
  2. she is fussy about her vanilla milkshakes
  3. she knows and will sing words to Barry Manilow songs
  4. she will apologize for things beyond her control
  5. she will go to a Starbucks in the morning and not order coffee


  1. she sleeps in vintage looking nightgowns and takes Little House comparisons with good grace
  2. even after terrible traveling delays – nightmarish really, she will maintain a good mood
  3. her voice is deep and gravely – not at all like she sounds on her blog
  4. she has never had funnel cake!  wtf??
  5. she doesn’t curse —– too much.  (meaning, as much as me)

9 thoughts on “

  1. Oh, aren’t you the CLEVER one!!

    I always liked to think I sound like Lauren Bacall (and was half as sexy — she’s probably never had to endure Little House comparisons, though, so perhaps I need to rethink the sleepwear).

    FYI: I sound just like all three sisters and my mom — it’s hard to tell us apart on the phone! Two of those four have hardly smoked a pack of cigarettes in their lives, combined, so it has nothing to do with smoking, either!

    I think Bookish Wendy looks taller on her blog. ; )

    The Barry Manilow sing-along will be a fond memory for a very long time.

  2. Sadly it’s all true. And in my defence, the freaking french fries were in a dog bowl. But really, who ever turns down french fries?

    And the Vicki cursing thing? Which Vicki were you hanging out with?! The one I shared a room with had a mouth like a sailor. I should know. ;-)

  3. One more thing – Vicki’s voice is definitely a shocker. I remember the first time I talked to her on the phone – before she came to NYC the first time – and WOW – that was a surprise!

    Vicki is also a terrific houseguest. She lets you sneak into the guest room to grab a pair of your husband’s pants while she’s sleeping and doesn’t move an inch!

  4. Okay, I wanna know. Why were Cara’s husbands pants in the guest room with Vicki? Really!
    As for this meme, I love it, absolutely love it. But I’m so glad (for once) that you haven’t met ME so you can’t torture me with this type of exposure. Hee.

  5. Maybe I don’t want to meet you? And Cara…I’m so upset because I HATE Barry whatsisfuck. Grrl, I hate him bad! See you never know what people are like until you meet face to face. I’m getting scared about that now.

  6. Ann, honey just about everyone on earth curses less than you (myself excluded) so you really aren’t a good judge.

    I’m was thinking of doing that meme, now I’m not so sure. What on earth would you say about me!

  7. I’m pretty sure no one curses more than me, Ann. I’m going to have to make to Rhinebeck next year so that we can compare more accurately.

    Cara seems like such a nice girl, but I’m frightened by her knowledge of Manilow lyrics. Just when I was about to buy that frigging Japanese book and join her knitalong, you tell me something scary like this. I can handle the cursing (unlike certain listmembers of certain lists who were too dainty for it), but I can not abide Manilow.

  8. As I recall one of your prom dresses would have made Laura Ingles jealous. Wasn’t it a Gunny Sack Dress? LOL I can laugh cause my junior prom dress was one.

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