The winter issue of Knitty is out.  Have you seen it yet?  This online knitting mag keeps getting better and better.  This issue is outstanding, and I have only looked at the patterns, haven’t even gotten to the articles yet.  (is that some kind of knitting porn confession along the lines of only reading the articles and never looking at the picture?)  I will have to stay focused on seaming that sweater instead of casting on for some pocket creatures, or blu, or tubey, or pomatomus …. or…..

we got about three inches of snow overnight – it is all so pretty!  D#2 has a two hour delayed opening – not quite the snowday we were rooting for, but something nonetheless.  yay for winter!

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  1. Porn vs. a knitting mag? Only the Purling Swine would come up with this comparison. LOL You certainly keep your readers entertained. Keep up the good work.

  2. I, too, was a little taken with all the cool stuff in the new Knitty… but those pocket creatures really caught my eye. I’m wondering how long it will take me to knit one of those for The Toddler. Hmmmm….

    Enjoy the snow… toss a snowball for me… the snowless Floridian.

  3. Oh, Knitty is totally knitter’s porn, Ann. You’re absolutely right.

    (Although I’ve long said that Martha Stewart’s mag is housewife porn. It’s so similar, in fact, that it’s frightening. We gaze longingly at pictures of airbrushed perfection that we know we will never in our lives possess, but we can’t resist admiring it and fantasizing. Just like guys and their Playboys.)

  4. I’ve been oogling the pics and haven’t read the articles (yet), either. I will, though. They have really good articles. ; )

    Woo for the snow day. I haven’t had one of those in ages. Enjoy!

  5. Too funny, Ann – I made the same porn comparison this weekend, but wrt Interweave Knits. The patterns in Knits this issue were just hideous, but I like the articles. Knitty, on the other hand, has great patterns this time around! The wrist cuffs are particularly nice.

    Enjoy the snow. When I was up nursing X in the middle of the night it was so peaceful to sit near the window and watch it come down. :)

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