I hate this sweater.  I am so sick of this project.  I want it to be over.  I want to play with my STR and other Rhinebeck goodies.

Did you get that?? 

I am ready to pull my f-ing hair out.  But then you would see my little bald spot where my keratosis was/is.

I spent the entire day seaming this sweater.  I ran into another loosely worded pattern direction regarding the neck and took a break from it while I waited for MaryBeth and Lisa to rescue me. 

Although I don’t wait well, this was probably a very good thing.

Boar got home just as I was about to have another go at the neck.  I thought, ‘why not have him pull it on?’

so there it is.

does it look too short?? (disregard the underlying Pepsi uniform)

I think it does.  I think I need to pick out all of these seams and add another pattern repeat or two or three to both the front and back.

Boar thinks it could be longer, but says it is fine.

I don’t know if I can block it any longer.

note to self – never trust directions that go by pattern repeats – always measure.

other note to self – remember all the wonderful reasons you quit smoking.  have a drink instead.

15 thoughts on “

  1. It looks a little short in the little picture, but it might be fine! Does he wear it under a jacket? Will he wear it as is, is really the question. (Guys can be SO flexible about these things!)

    Now, the knitting looks GORGEOUS! And projects get so old toward the end. And you have WEEKS til Christmas because you worked so hard and got it done early.

    So, give yourself a little reward for all your hard work – set it aside. Think about it. Be the boss of it. Calmly decide what to do next!

  2. Short or not short, I have to say I’m impressed. You worked really hard to get that done – I know you did.

    Oh and it’s a wee bit short. I don’t think you need TWO repeats – probably just one.

  3. Another repeat… or two. What’s the length of some of his other sweaters? Hm? Put your nose to the grindstone baby and get it done — you’ll be so happy when it’s over. You wouldn’t want to commence the Rhinebeck/STR goodness all ridden with guilt, would you? I’m in the same pickle, with added physical pain, and I’ve NEVER looked forward to January more.

  4. Hmmm, I’m in the minority here. I don’t think it looks short, since there is no ribbing I don’t think it’s supposed to be very long, but I could just be saying that so you don’t have to do more knitting on it. :) I’ll have similar problems with my Bramble Berry and those are REALLY vague instructions and not even a schematic with size is included so I’m really flying blind. :) I’m having to measure and guess since my row guage is a little “off”. :)

    Your snow angel is precious.

    ANd I highly recommend Ruby Port if you are going to have a drink. High alcohol content and very smoothe and tasty. Fonseca Bin 187 is my favorite… ;-P

  5. The big ripfest will be worth it in the end. I love how Boar said it was fine, and he’d wear it too, wouldn’t he? That’s love (and not wanting to live with the insane mama pig I’m guessing). Otherwise it is absolutely lovely. Make it good.

  6. Let Boar tell you exactly what he wants. It might be fine if you can gain an inch in blocking. If not add a bit but do it when you feel like it…it IS the process;-)

  7. Let’s see it on him again with the underlying uni removed. (I’m not tryint to get semi-nekkid pics of your hubby, no. Clothe him appropriate to go with the sweater.)

    I think you’ve made him a gorgeous sweater that he’s going to love. Block it like hell and call it good.

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