Bloggers to the rescue – like a cavalry charge!  thank you for all of your suggestions —- I am still not completely sure what I will do, but I am leaning toward giving this sweater to D#2 and knitting Boar another.  I think we all agree that it is too short for him.  Here is what the voices in my head are saying:

  • I am sick of this project
  • If I re-do it, I will not only rip out all the seams to add pattern repeats to the front and back, but will also make a side panel to add some width.  It’s not crucial, but it could stand it.  I am not sure how this would effect the sleeve and don’t know if I am up to that sort of design challenge.
  • I think it is already over blocked, so trying to get more out of it won’t work.
  • It fits D#2.  It is big on her, but in that ‘good, cozy’ way.  Not in the ‘it’s eating her alive’ way.
  • I don’t think D#2 will wear it as much as I would like her to, but she has stated that she will wear it.  It is the type of sweater that will last her for years, D#2 is a beginner knitter and appreciates all the work involved.
  • I have Friday free —- I could take a trip to Granny’s and find some yarn for a different sweater for Boar ….. I am taking suggestions ….. or I could give this another go with another yarn ….. or I could just rip the whole thing out entirely, down to the skank and reknit ….

In the immortal words of Darren’s mother Phyllis, "I’m getting a sick headache" —- how about some black dogs in snow pictures?


ps. the Boar’s chest measures 43", I knit the 49" size — was that my first mistake? should I have knit the 52"?

8 thoughts on “

  1. 6″ should be enough room but maybe 8″ would be better for him. Give it to D2 and start another for Boar. He (and you) deserve a well fitting sweater. You’ll know just what to do the next time around. No matter what…it is THAT process!

  2. Knit something else for the Boar. There’s a nice knitalong beginning in January on the Yahoo Aran list. It’s based on the measurements of the wearer, not knit to specific sizes, so it might work out better if you’re getting gauge. Just a suggestion, mind you. I don’t think I’m going to have the time to knit this one as it goes, but I’d like to get to it eventually.

  3. Yes, yes YES. That is actually an added bonus, if it fits D#2 in such a nice way — that oversized, but not overwhelming way. Not enough women IMHO wear men’s clothing — we look GOOD in it! I hate it when I see/hear people say, “That’s too masculine.” Poppycock! We look sexy in it! this way you’ve killed several birds with one stone — you’ve unexpectedly knit a sweater for a daughter who appreciates the work you put in it, you’ve learned a lot, and you’ll be able to do another one for Boar.

  4. I think the plan of reallocating the knitwear is a good one. Then you get to find something you like even better for the Boar. Which, of course, means yarn shopping!

  5. The masses have spoken – well, at least five of us. Give it to D2 and knit the boar something else. I am famous for reallocating knitwear to whomever it fits best. Whatever you do, don’t rip!!! You’ve got a lot of time invested and it’s really a very nice sweater. Way too nice to rip.

  6. Did Norma really say, “Poppycock”? ?? I went back to check and, by gum, she did! God, I love her, too.

    I’m with the masses insofarasD#2 is concerned. I would give her the sweater, too!

    That Aran knit-along, knitting to measurements, sounds intriguing. I’ll be turning Japanese in January, or Crossing Over while being Translated, or I’d consider doing that one. Sounds like it could be informative, maybe even liberating!

    I think it’s time for bedzzzzzzz.

  7. The chest size wasn’t the issue, it was the length. And, to do another full pattern repeat would have added quite a few inches – maybe it would have even ended up too long! (I am now remembering that I made that same decision.) So it is what it is, and you are moving on!

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