Good Morning Sunshine!

and a great cry was heard from the readers of Purlingswine:

"Why Ann why, did you not get the lovely and luscious D#2 to model for you this morning?!  After all, this Panta was knitted for her ……don’t you love us anymore??"

Darlings – we had a recalcitrant D#2 this morning.  Despite the frigid morning temps, D#2 had gone to the trouble of curling her hair and refused to put on the Panta.  ~Panta Panta, dontcha wanna Panta Panta~  Remember the days of waking up hours before the school bell to attend to the coif?  Obviously those days are a very distant memory for me!!

I had a very productive weekend.  I made the above Panta and have started another.  This is a great pattern – uses up oddments of yarn.  And despite D#2’s stand this morning, is a good item if you have in your life people who don’t like to wear hats no matter what the weather.

In the further adventures of my crafty weekend ….

Dec12_003 Dec12_002

a mostly completed Pocket Creature and Halcyon along with a close up.

And then under the category of things I forgot to take a picture of this morning ….. one of the Rail Road Rib socks and the beginnings of its mate and stitch markers that I made for the ladies in my knitting class.  I also took a trip to Granny’s on Saturday.  Kathleen helped me to pick out a fantastic yarn for Irish Moss.  She should negotiate for being paid on commission – naturally it is not what I went there to get and cost more.  Just like L’Oreal and Kathleen says – I’m Worth It.  Although Irish Moss is going to be for Boar.  And it will fit Boar.  So really, Boar’s worth it. 

As I am typing this all out it is beginning to sound like a frenetic weekend full of mad knitting.  I wonder if I caught what Kay’s got?  read the December 8th entry.

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  1. If being off the rag is more productive than being on the rag – sign me up! I can’t have kids anyway without help, so wtf.

    By the way, I don’t wear hats. Unless they’re off the baseball variet with sheep or witches on them. But as a rule, for the cold, I don’t wear hats. I’m just saying. Size small. (Yeah. That’s right. I’ve got a tiny head.)

  2. I don’t wear hats much, either, but I want one of those. I doubt my girls would; that said, they’ll all three want one for sure… for Christmas! I like how it looks on you, and I think Cara would be cute in one, too.

    Hey, that middle/main cable on Halcyon is the exact same middle/main cable I’m doing on Shirley Shrugs! Saw the design on a pillow in a catalog, then found the pattern a book.

  3. Could ya’ll please cough in my direction? I need to catch that “productive” bug that everyone seems to have these days. Of course, if it is what Kay seems to think it is, I am out of luck at 28.

    Love that little pocket creature. So cute!

  4. Conversation at the Blues this morning:
    D#3: Well I’ve been up since twenty past five!
    Me: WHY?
    D#3: To take a shower and “do” my hair.
    Me: (dreamy flashback sequence of me doing the same thing some 25+ years ago).

    Yeah, how we’ve grown. Or given up, you decide.

  5. You’re FAR too young doll. Must be Christmas. Perhaps the Boar has you excited about knitting that Irish Moss. Or just generally excited.

    And just because I love to type this, please give my regards to the Boar.

    xoxo Kay

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