anyone else noticing a glitch with Typepad and the fonts today?  I reset my template, I don’t know if I fixed it or made it worse.

Dec12_002_1Enough technicalities, bring on the yarn baby!  On the left, feast your eyes on Reynold’s Turnberry Tweed.  ~notice that my snow is sort of tweedy too~    This is what I bought at Granny’s over the weekend for the upcoming Irish Moss Project.

And now for your daily frivolity …… Fasten your seatbelts dearies —- once again I have been gifted by an anonymous gifter!  Yesterday’s mail brought a tiny little padded envelope with this insDec12_004_editedide!  Need the long view?  It is adorable!  I didn’t know that such things existed —- when my phone rings, it lights up!!  How cool is that?

When I fist opened it, it never occured to me this was from anyone but Cara.

Why do I seem convinced that Cara is out to shower me with gifts?  I very publically proclaimed her to be my Secret Pal and was wrong.  I believe I had very sound reasons for suspecting Cara during the Pal swap.  And the same is true this time …… I was on the phone with her last week, hearing all about the fun they had in NYC and she told me about the cute little pig thing she picked up for me at some market.  So yesterday when I opened the envelope to a cute little pig thing, I just figured it was Cara. 

I immediately wrote an enthusiastic thank you email.

Later on in the evening my phone rings.

"Dude, it’s not me."

This is too funny – we had a good laugh with Cara proclaiming her uninvolvement (again).  I believe I have turned into some kind of January One stalker or something…… is anyone else out there convinced that Cara is sending them presents?  So it’s not Cara. I don’t know who it could be …..

Did you send me a cute little pig cell phone charm?  Did you forget to sign the note within? 

Whoever you are – I love it!!

as a matter of fact D#2 has proclaimed them the perfect stocking stuffer and I would love to know where you found it.  I searched the internets last night, but didn’t find any light up cell phone charms …..

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  1. Your font is very small, but perhaps that’s a design feature. I am trying to upload some pictures for a post and it’s just not doing it. I’m ready to say screw it and take a day off.

    That is SO FUNNY that Cara is not sending you presents, but you keep thinking she is. That’s a very cute charm! All I can say is, Dude, it’s not me, either! Someone sure likes yankin’ your chain, though.
    ; )

  2. when/if you find out where to buy that adorable cell phone charm, please let me know. it is an easy way to determine that it is YOUR phone that is ringing in this world of cell phones –
    see you soon

  3. Seriously. You’re making me feel bad. Like I have to ACTUALLY send you a present or something. Very cute charm though – I’d be interested in one as well. Let us know if you figure it out!

  4. Hmm, Cara isn’t sending me anything either. I think she’s just selfish. *g*

    Of course I don’t have a cellphone any more but that’s not the point.

    And your font looks small to me, but everything does since the world decided on my 43rd birthday to reduce the print size on EVERYthing. (and then I lost my glasses …)

  5. I didn’t even know they made cell phone charms. It’s very cute.

    I wonder what one has to do in order to get Cara to send them presents? From the looks of things, the presents she *doesn’t* send are pretty cool, so the real things would have to be amazing, right?

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