The mystery has been solved!  Not due to my superior sleuthing skills, mind you.  But the compassion of my anonymous gifter —- she thought I had been teased enough, and she wanted to let everyone know where she found that charm ….

My wonderful friend Carol sent me the pig charm!!  I met Carol at the orthodontist’s office.  She is a receptionist par excellence and we just hit it off.  You may have met her in the comments section —- she is a woman in need of a blog. 

Anyway, Carol want me to let you know that she found my pig charm on Ebay.  I think everyone should have one …… and then we can all call each other at the same time and our pigs will light up!

Thank you Carol – You are the Best!

**with apologies to Margene, who I may or may not have accused of having a criminal mind….. and of course Cara, who apparently has yet to send me any presents.  wonder what’s keeping her?

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