You Light Up My Life, You Give Me Hope To Carry On, You Light Up My Days…..

at least when my cell phone rings!

Carole asked if I had done any sleuthing regarding my little pig cell phone charm and who might have sent it….

When it arrived in the mail, I took a look at the package simply because I had never seen a padded mailer envelope that small.  I thought it was strange that there was no return address, but honestly, there was hardly the room for it.  The charm had a post it note with it, saying that they had seen this flashing pig and thought of me.  I did not recognize the handwriting. 

I spent no time examining it because I just figured it was Cara.  After our phone conversation where she told me she found a cute little pig thing, it was the natural conclusion.

When she called to say it wasn’t her, the envelope was in the bottom of the trash – the outside trash, not even in the kitchen!  And other trash had been thrown on top, including but not limited to, parts of our evening meal which was homemade soup….. so there was a chicken carcass in the mix!

Once Cara and I got off the phone, I did indeed brave the freezing temps (12°) to have another look, maybe I had missed something?  Nope, the post mark was barely visible and there was nothing on the note besides the message.

No – no more clues were revealed.  I did however compare the handwriting to that of Margene’s – remember she signed the book she sent? 

It’s not you Margene.

although —- I have learned through experience that Margene is twisted enough to have someone else sign a note for her if she thought her handwriting would give her away …… she’s got a real criminal mind that one…….. but could she also arrange for the Post Office to give her package a half assed post mark?

does she have that kind of power?  the magnetism necessary to charm a mailman into giving the stamp less than its full due?

And many of you would like to know where to find these adorable things.  I spent a good part of yesterday searching around.  I found plenty of cell phone charms, but fewer sites that have light up ones.  (and now that I have seen the Beacon that is the light up charm, nothing less will do)  The best bet as far as I can tell is Ebay.  Put in the search "flash charm cell phone strap".  I haven’t ordered any, yet.  I want to first check out our local asian market.  I learned that these things are all the rage in Japan and figure that’s a good place to start.

Today’s knitting content is brought to you by D#2 (who has indeed been wearing her Panta!)


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2 thoughts on “You Light Up My Life, You Give Me Hope To Carry On, You Light Up My Days…..

  1. You are not a very good detective…. I am taking back your secret decoder ring. THIS Carol (no “e”) does not have a blog but enjoys corresponding with you and talking of knitting with you too.

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