choo choo!


railroad rib done in trekking xxl

as Boar and I were watching A Miracle on 34th Street, my own knitting miracle occurred.  These socks flew off of my needles, onto his feet …. and they f*i*t !!    A FO that fits — I believe!  and by the way, the movie we were watching last night was a remake with Elizabeth Perkins and that good looking guy who usually plays a lawyer – Dylon McDermott – anyway, they took out the scene where they bring in all the letters to Santa that prove the US government recognizes Santa.  This was disappointing – I love the ‘take that!’ appeal of all those mailbags …..

Do you spy Poe in the picture?  He was investigating my work.  I started these socks on the Rhineback weekend – now that they are off the needles, I have cleared the way for some Socks that Rock.  Initially, I was going to use the Jaywalker pattern, but after hearing about the close calls, I am scared.  Maybe I will do the Jaywalkers, but plan from the beginning to do the toe in a different color.  I realize that I could do a toe-up version —- but I don’t want to.  I have never knit a toe up sock – but I resist the idea nonetheless.  I think I won’t like them. 

How do you know you won’t like it if you haven’t tried it??    I just do.

6 thoughts on “choo choo!

  1. I remember those – didn’t you rip them life fifty times at the start. Very nice. Boar’s feet look happy.

    I’ve tried the whole toe up thing. Blah. I say different color heels and toes. Very cool.

  2. sigh… I wish people would stop showing me Trekking sock yarns. It’s very bad for the self-restraint I’m desperately trying for.

    But I can’t seem to stop myself from asking – what number/name is that colour? I really really like it.

  3. It’s a total fluke that I bought two hanks of STR in the same colorway!! Oh, I can’t wait to get started. I’m gonna knit those babies from the top and I might even knit ’em l-o-n-g!!!

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