Among the many wonderful gifts I received for Christmas was Lendrumbag3_1a travel bag for my wheel! If you have a Lendrum wheel, you can see the details here. I will be putting the bag to good use today – can you guess where I’m going?

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  1. How much fun is THAT??? Is there room for fibery fluff in that carrying case, or is that an additional accessory/option?

    Big hugs to you both. Wish I was there. ; )

  2. Ann, I can’t remember if I answered your question or not regarding where I got the pattern for my daughter’s kitty hat … it came off a ball of Phentex yarn my friend bought me for my birthday.

  3. Annie what the heck is that thing, where are you going and what are you talking about? I’m beginning to worry. Is wheel a code word for baby, Annie are you pregnant? That thing looks like a baby carrier. I thought I’d take a chance before the new year actually arrives to check and comment on your blog. OMG! What do I see and where’s all your stuff it looks empty. What’s going on? Is there a swiney baby on the way and you haven’t shared with your non blog pals. Still love you, Better Talk.

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