Well darlings, It has finally happened! Something that I have been waiting for, for a long, long time. Something that I was beginning to get a little crazed about ……


Presents from Cara!!

Yes, it’s true! Cara had some party favors for me …… a very cool chibi with what she says are ‘life changing’ needles and some glow in the dark live-stock. When I last left you, I was on my way to visit Cara and her new wheel …… I had packed up my Lendrum in my new carry bag and was taking the train into Penn Station where Cara would meet me. Let me first say, that the carry bag is wonderful – nicely padded, with great pockets for different things. However, it is really not meant for back packing around – it gets heavy after awhile! Later on in the afternoon, Jen came over with Xavier, so it was a perfect day – friends, spinning, knitting and babies! Despite what she may tell you, Cara is a very good spinner and took to it right away – that is why all of her pouting and stomping was surprising ….. and hysterically funny. Do you think it helped her to have me there laughing?? (and maybe even pointing?) and while I am thinking of it, go over there and wish her a happy birthday – today is Cara Eve afterall …..

My Ebay order of addis arrived and I am thrilled to report that it is not too good to be true! They arrived yesterday and I am now able to cast on for some STR Jaywalkers! I will be starting the New Year on the right foot! ha!

but what am I working on right now? this giant luxury mohair scarf thing …… it is an oversized scarf/shawl, knit with a feather & fan pattern. It is knit length-wise, which means that each row has 390 stitches. Which probably explains why I really am not enjoying working on it ….. however, others have their own opinions ….

Dec_31_017 Dec_31_019

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  1. As my ladies say…move your feet, lose your seat!! Poe looks very warm and comfortable in your chair! What does one hint of color…Oh Poe, you HINT!! Please extend to Cara my Happy Happy Joy Joy on “Her Eve”!

  2. Oh Ann! The picture of Poe is just too sweet. I want to scrunch him up and cover him in smooches.

    It was great seeing you last week – and I love the presents you showered on X. Perfect pig theme!

    Much love for the new year,

  3. Hurray! I am so glad to hear that the Addi ebay purchase was a success. I have been contemplating and considering placing an order but, being the skeptic that I can be at times, I was waiting to hear your report. I am going to go do a little shopping now! :)

  4. Um, I realize I am a little late to the party, but…what IS that pig doing to that sheep? And, what is that sheep doing to that chibi? ;)

    Happy New Year, Ann!

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