judging by the comments, everyone is interested in homemade marshmallows. No Vicki, they do not grow on the mythical marshmallow tree where the unicorns graze and yes, Carole you do need a candy thermometer, unless you are good at judging softball stage by dropping some of the syrup in cold water.

Thank you Carol (my blogless friend) for reminding me of the NY’s resolution. Indeed, my prediciton was correct. I am not a fan of marshmallows, but the coconut — oh, dear that changes everything!

This cookbook is definitely worth having – I have been on a cooking tear and have whipped up five of the recipes since Friday – all are winners. I did however find the exact recipe online, so if it’s only the marshmallow you’re after have at it.

To do the coconut marshmallows – simply toast some coconut by putting it in a dry skillet over med/high heat. It takes awhile to get to the toasting stage, but once it does it goes quickly so keep an eye on things. You will need 8 ounces of coconut. Place half of the toasted coconut in the glass baking dish instead of the confectioner’s sugar. Pour on the whipped marshmallow and then put the remaining half on top.

after the whole thing dries and you have cut it into squares, dip the cut edges into confectioner’s sugar.

This is such an elegant thing – of course you can put it in some hot cocoa, but you can also put it on a plate and eat it all by itself. yum!

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  1. I can remember trying to make candy with my mom without a candy thermometer. Soft ball stage? Hard crack stage? It all looked the same to us! Thanks for the recipe link and coconut info!

  2. My husband and I once visited the Jet-Puf Marshmallow factory. At the end you got to sample marshmallows straight off the belt (warm!) and that day they were doing coconut marshmallows. It spoiled me ever after for anything out of a bag (stale!). However, I am not even tempted to make them – I’ll just gaze at yours and drool!

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