Did you come here from Cara’s? Did you see I have been a bad Jaywalker alonger and got a WTF?? Once I saw that, I knew I’d better post something and quick. Freakin Cara. Let me tell you something — there are reasons I haven’t posted about these socks. And here is the main reason:


Am I the only Jaywalker Alonger who is standing in the middle of the intersection whining? I am running out of the fu*king yarn. Yeah. I know. I knew before I started that I would run out. Still, I am pissed.

Margene (who, by the way, never says WTF to me and only sends me presents and I think she sometimes sings me love songs…. I know she at least hums them) actually had some good Jaywalker advise last night and so I have once again picked them up and am working away. But it is more with the cranky air of get-these-things-off-of-my-needles than the giddy happiness of other Jaywalkers.

one more thing ……. today I got a job. A temporary, part time job. The world is always after me to have a job and about every six months or so, someone offers me employment, even though I am not seeking employment. I must look job hungry.

Today it was Kathleen and Granny – so I got me a little bit of a yarn shop gig!

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  1. A yarn shop gig is not a JOB. A job is something where the work you do generates take home pay. A yarn shop gig is an invitation to go into debt no matter how much they’re paying you. Oh that someone would offer me such an invitation…

  2. Yarn shop gig!? You are so doomed. I, too was unhappy with my JW’s but now that they’re done I think I might make another pair. WTF is up with that?
    Oooo, Ann of my dreams…do, de, do, de dooooooo;-)

  3. I came here coz my Bloglines said you updated and because I love YOUUU for being YOUUU.

    Why yes, I AM going for the “Biggest Suck-up in Blogland Award” today. Why do you aks?

  4. Hahaha, what a treat. Wendy’s sucking up all over blogland today; Margene with singing AND a WTF!! Where’s Cara??

    I have never worked in a yarn shop, but I have worked in an antique shop and, let me tell you, these ladies are 100% right! There were plenty of days when I was my own best customer!! And thank goodness for layaway!

    Sorry I missed you this afternoon; sweet of you to try. Now I’m off to yoga. Om. (I’m good.)

  5. Hey Vicki! How are you? I’m here, I’m just not speaking to Ann right now. She totally skimmed today and didn’t even bother to leave a comment, even though she’s bad mouthing me all over her blog.


    Love you, Vicki!

  6. Sounds like a kid in the candy store to me. It could be a good thing or it could be a bad thing. Whatever happened to “the center-place” gig? Maybe I should finally visit granny’s….

  7. Once I worked at a baskin robbins and was told that i would get sick of ice cream – nope, didn’t happen. I was still having my two-scoops a shift a full year after starting employment. Maybe you can negotiate the two skeins a shift? Do you at least get a discount?

  8. Congrats on the job–the universe just wants to expand your horizons!

    As for the socks, hang in there. I made a pair, and they were fun to knit (although I used a yarn I knew would yield an adult pair of socks), but I don’t think I’ll be making another–I kinda like a simple, stockinette sock.

  9. Ann I’d watch out for that Kathleen. You’ve abused her a lot, I’m sensing this is an excellent chance for her to get even.

    I hated Jaywalker the first go round also but now that I frogged and started again on the bigger needle we’re cool. I am cutting the cuff down by an inch or so to be safe. Of course I’m also making them for someone with nice small, dainty feet…sadly not me!

  10. Ooh, what a fantastic gig! That is, unless you were planning on actually making money.

    And the socks? The pattern hasn’t called to me yet, but I’m just making my first ever sock (simple ribbed pattern) so time will tell …

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