ABC ……

this week’s letter is B ….


and did you notice my favorite B is doing two of my favorite things? bossing the snowblower around while wearing his handspun berretta! Gotta love those weekend snowstorms where I am not the one out there behind that behemoth.

For the record, I was inside whipping up pancakes. We had an ice/snow/wind storm come through here on Saturday night – the roads were in awful shape yesterday (haven’t been out yet today to see if there has been improvement) and we had a tree come down, in addition to branches etc.

Now to the knitting news….. the Jaywalkers are officially on hold now while I wait for the arrival of some Koigu to finish them. I have cast on for the Chinese Sweater using the Brooks Farm Four Play that I picked up in Rhinebeck. I will ignore the calligraphy design and just knit it up as a wide ribbed tunic with the neckline detail. The sweater from Poor Miss Finch that I originally planned was possibly/probably not a good match for this particular yarn blend, so that will have to wait.

10 thoughts on “ABC ……

  1. Hey, I see Cara’s Short Rows sweater on that IK preview page (I’m not sure I have that issue!)!!

    What a great B. So happy, being manly with the machine. I hope to have my photo shoot on Wednesday — it, too, will be a behemoth, but only in numbers.

    We’ve hardly got any snow left. I look outside and see mostly grass, and it’s more green than brown! I hope we get some soon — before it gets too cold again — or my perennial garden is going to take ANOTHER hit. Dang it.

  2. What a *great* B to celebrate, the Boar!

    I’m glad to see there wasn’t too much damage from that downed tree (I’m assuming of course that if there was damage you would have included that in the photo).

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