Kripalu Weekend

what a fantastic weekend! And once again, the very best part of a knitting get away is NOT the knitting. (although, the knitting was great) The absolute very best part each and every time is the wonderful people I meet. This was a group of vibrant, eclectic, and funny women – actually there was one man too! After the techniques were taught, everyone started knitting and chatting and laughing and knitting some more. It never stopped – one lady even tried to take her knitting into the sauna!

I think this weekend is best summed up in the pictures I took ….. let’s start with

a goddess:


Karen Allen’s Work:

Kripalu_karen_allen_workshop036_1 Kripalu_karen_allen_workshop035 Kripalu_karen_allen_workshop037

Class Work:

Kripalu_karen_allen_workshop013 Kripalu_karen_allen_workshop020 Kripalu_karen_allen_workshop007


Kripalu_karen_allen_workshop004 Kripalu_karen_allen_workshop001 Kripalu_karen_allen_workshop006

and let’s end with another goddess:


Cece proclaiming herself too tired to knit!

13 thoughts on “Kripalu Weekend

  1. Yep – the pictures say it all. I knit all afternoon yesterday to finish the back of the sweater… I’m glad to be at work to give me hands a little break!

  2. It looks and sounds like a fabulous weekend, Ann. I’m trying not to be too jealous!

    I can’t see larger photos. Has Typepad hosed everyone again? Sheeeeesh!

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