So, what do you think about the place? If you haven’t noticed, I rearranged the furniture around here. And in a very scary twist, Cara and I are on the same wavelength – she’s redesigned things too. She is supposed to be knitting – Olympic knitting. Instead she is gadding about to Ikea, assembling furniture until her hands are swollen and redesigning her blog. gah!

But enough about Cara, back to Me! I have tried and tried to make that banner image the width of my page. Typepad tells me to enlarge it to 770 pixels which I did. But still it won’t stretch – which is probably a good thing since the picture would be totally out of proportion. I just love the expression on that little pig’s face!

In fiber news, I have been spinning and spinning. During my marathon session of drum carding, I discovered a pound of Jacob fleece. It was very rustic and coarse and was like spinning pubic hair. Not that I’ve tried it. I swear. Well, Peggy E. added some gorgeous green silk and mohair and now it is a thing of beauty. And I have been spinning away!

16 thoughts on “

  1. Damn Kathleen is rough!

    I like the pig but why is he falling? What did you do to him? Did you toss him out of window to see if he would fly? The poor thing doesn’t have wings!!!

  2. Too distracted by that mental image you’ve provided me of spinning pubic hair to comment on the cute little piggy. EEEWWWWWWWWWWW doesn’t even come close to describing it. An’ it’s probably one of those things that’ll be stuck in my head All Day now, dammit.

  3. Great minds think alike!

    I will say this – I like the font change and I’m all about white space, but the little piggy shouldn’t be that big. He looks all distorted.

    Send me the file and we’ll see what we can do to fix you up right.

  4. Very nice new look around here, once I enlarged everything so I could see it. Your font is very small on my ‘puter. I’m almost into the large print books now, so you have to give me some leeway. ;-)

    I’m also almost into Depends, so stop laughing. It’s mean.

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