Reprinted without permission ….

I have been talking a few people through their first attempts at sock knitting (FA in PA needs to send me some pictures). Here is an email I just received from my friend M. Carmel……

Esteemed One,
I offer attached pictures (in a most humble manner), for your perusal and
blessings…..thank you, oh, exhalted one…..your little knitting
grasshopper (prostrating herself in front of you)

Retrorib003 Maryretrorib

Didn’t she do a great job?? Let’s hear it for the girl!! Let’s also remember that while she may indeed be my little knitting grasshopper, that in no way means I am an ancient Chinese man.

9 thoughts on “Reprinted without permission ….

  1. Thanks for wonderful compliments from PS and her fellow knitters. For the record: No toe bone, but there are wide feet with good sturdy potato picking ankles!

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