Angelia reminded me that I never showed you guys pictures of my spinning! On the left is a bobbin with the brown Jacob. The bobbin on the right has the brown Jacob after Peggy E. added the green mohair and silk. And a bit closer …… brown and green. Although I must say that the difference isn’t quite as subtle as protrayed in the pictures. Check out how even everything is!

The only other thing I have been doing besides knitting and spinning is fighting off a head/chest cold. ugh! The kind where your eyeballs feel bulgy and your brain feels furry? When I woke up this morning, I had the smallest notion that I may be winning the battle – but I don’t want to jinx myself.

I absolutely need to get better. Tomorrow I am taking D#2 into the city for her very own tour of NYU given by non other than Cara! I won’t even tell you what Cara said the highlight would be …..you can fill in the blank: She will show us all the places she’s ever _____. studied? written poetry? worn her sorority pin while frat boys serenaded her? I am pretty sure it is that last one! And since D#2 is a beginner knitter, Cara wants to show her some of the city’s cool yarn shops. I wonder if Cara knows the best place in the city for some matzo ball soup – could be just what the dr. ordered!

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  1. I feel so famous now! :-)

    I hope you feel better for your big NYC trip! It’s no fun vacationing with a head cold!!

    I think it’s all the places Cara’s knit – that’s what she’s gonna show you – all the places in NYC that she’s knit! Sounds fun! I’m sure she’ll hook you up with some soup.

    I am so amazed by spinning. One of these days, I’m gonna learn how to do it. Beautiful.

  2. The spinning looks tremendous, my dear Ann. And I didn’t knit in college. ;-)

    PS – I told G I was taking you guys on a tour and he said you gonna go to FiJi? The INFAMOUS fraternity back when we were in school. I don’t even know if it’s still there. I think I went to ONE party.

  3. You should ask Bakerina for restaurant suggestions. She knows all!

    Your spinning is lovely, Ann. ’bout time you showed it to us, especially after you described it so well.

  4. Woohoo! Have a fabulous time!

    As for matzo ball soup, it used to be that you couldn’t beat Second Avenue Deli’s, located a short cab ride, or a longish but not terribly so walk, from NYU. Then Second Avenue Deli lost their lease. Probably the next best is Katz’s Delicatessen, but that’s more of a hike from where you will be.

    I don’t know what sort of lunch budget you had in mind, but if you felt like a bit of a splurge, Pearl Oyster Bar on Cornelia Street is really wonderful. They do fill up fast at noon, so you’d want to get there either on the early side or the late (after 1:30). If, on the other hand, fish is not your bag, right next to Pearl Oyster Bar is Home, which is also really wonderful. And you’ll definitely want to go for coffee and dessert at Caffe Dante on Macdougal Street. It is the stuff of a zillion teenaged memories for me, a gorgeous 100-year-old Italian cafe with a gianduja ice cream that tastes like frozen Nutella, only better.

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