Things have been a bit busy around here lately and the blog was neglected. First and foremost, our sweet dog Daisy, who had been diagnosed with a heart condition back in the fall, had to be put to sleep. She seemed to suffer a heart attack on Thursday of last week. This necessitated an trip to the emergency vet clinic and an overnight stay. We saw our vet the next morning and he put her on another medication, but did not hold out much hope, her heart had become even more enlarged. So we brought Daisy home where she enjoyed a few days of sunshine and chicken & rice. On Monday, she had another episode and the decision was made. She certainly was the very best of our dogs – sweet and friendly. We are left with three dogs and one cat and as crazy as it sounds, it feels like not so many!

The other thing that has taken time away from purlingswine is a house project …..


Here is a terribly backlit picture of my bedroom. The past days have been spent moving furniture, spackling, painting etc. I have been mulling over this project for a number of months and decided to take the plunge. It is not clear from the pictures, but I did use two different colors – trout gray and silver spring from Benjamin Moore. Here is a picture of the corner using the flash, hopfully you will be able to see it.


And because Vicki and I love to show each other our treasures, a picture of an old card catalogue from the local library. When we moved into this house it was the end of September. I saw an add in the local newspaper saying the library was holding a silent auction for some of their card catalogues. So I put in a bid and forgot all about it. I heard in December that I won! The house was in a bit of turmoil with Christmas, so John and I simply set it in our bedroom thinking that we would find a permanent home for it after the holiday hub-bub. It is amazing how quickly those drawers fill up and it has been in the same spot ever since.

Last but not least, how about some Pug on a Rug?


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  1. Sorry about Daisy. It’s so hard to lose a pet. Your bedroom looks great, though. I’ve got a couple of old library catalogs, too, but they’re in the garage. Dale uses them for nails and stuff like that. They’re quite handy!

  2. You’ve had more than your share of lost pets this year. They do leave a hole in our hearts when they go. Hugs to you and enjoy the new look in your bedroom.

  3. Carole!!! Card catalogs in the GARAGE???

    So sorry about Daisy. That “pug on a rug” will surely help to soothe your heart. ; )

    LOVE the bedroom. LOVE the card catalog. LOVE the dresser box on top of it, too. LOVE it when you share your treasures!

  4. So sorry about Daisy–it’s such a sad thing. Thanks for the Poe pic–I hope all is well with his health.

    The card catalog is lovely–what a great find. I should start looking around for one of those. In my youth, I spent many an hour looking through them…

  5. Daisy was such a sweet little lady. She certainly led a wonderful life with all her furry pals and the pampering you gave her. I’m sure she enjoyed a joyous reunion with Chelsea, Moe and Nick. God bless her soul.

  6. So sorry about Daisy. She was a good dog, by all accounts.

    Thanks for the pictures – can’t wait to see it in person and OH MY GOD I COVET THE CARD CATALOG!

    So – are you adding pet shopping to the itinerary?

  7. Sad news. Pets don’t live long enough.

    But I admit to being easily distracted by the trout gray, the silver spring, and the card catalog. xoxo Kay

  8. I’m so sad to read about Daisy. It’s so hard to make that decision. Give your other babies big hugs.

    LOVE the card catalog – what a great piece!!

  9. Oh Ann. I’m so sorry about Daisy. I know she had a wonderful life with you, and I also know she is whole and healthy now and will be with you always in spirit. I actually saw Hobbes out of the corner of my eye for months. I wish the same for you Ann and again I am so sorry.

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