Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


I hope you are all having a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day! Please take a moment and go see Vicki ,she has a lot going on today. First and foremost it is her brother Michael’s birthday! Be sure to wish him a Happy Birthday and keep him in your thoughts, he is having surgery today. If you read her site, you will see all the horrific details of his car accident, anxious bedside hours and more recently hopeful news.

Be sure to also congratulate Vicki – today is her (and mine!) one year Quit Smoking Day! Hip Hip Hooray!! We bloggers often speak of the amazing friendships here in the blogsphere and I have certainly been blessed in that department. Vicki was one of my first ‘friend’ bloggers and it really became cemented when we decided to quit smoking together. I honestly don’t think I would have done it without her – so yay for her and yay for me!

A full year of no cigs translates to:

  • 7288 cigarettes not smoked
  • $1,949.55 saved
  • 3 weeks 4 days and 7 hours of life saved

27 thoughts on “Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

  1. FANFUCKINGTASTIC chica! YOU ROCK! I am so proud of you!

    (And if it wasn’t for Vicki quitting smoking and sending you some of the stuff I sent her we’d never be friends/sisters/phobia buddies so that’s something else to be happy about. Love you!)

  2. We.Rock. Big.time. I am pretty darn sure I’d never have done it without you. (Yay for my non-blogging, non-knitting, one year NON-SMOKING sister, too!) When next we meet, I think there should be champagne. Lots of it.

    I feel like a fairy blogmother with you and Cara. I’m so taking credit for that wonderment. ; ) Where’s my wand?

    (Surgery will be today, but has delayed in favor of “more pressing cases.” ACK!! I am wearing lots o’ green, however, incuding socks and bra, so no worries.)

    Oh, and please, girlie, go get thee some Knitting History sometime today; Julia’s been thinking of you. ; )

  3. Congrats on hitting your one year mark! Hubby has the quitmeter thing running too, but it only shows how long, how much money and how many cigarettes not smoked – it doesnt show how much life saved… which one are you using?

    Off to wish Vicki congrats on her accomplishment and send some good healthy vibes her and her brithers way! Happy ST Pats to you too!

  4. Yeah! One question: Did you wait until the end of the day, or did you start in the morning? Seems like the green beer would be hard to drink without a c………..at least the first day!

  5. Way to go Ann!! (sorry I missed the actual Quit Day – but I didn’t turn on my computer for several days) Congratulation son your 1-year anniversary!!! :-)

  6. It is such a wonderful thing you have done by becoming a non-smokers. Congratulations on reaching a major milestone! And think of all the yarn you can buy with saving almost $2,000! LOL

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