Since she has already said it ….. I am babysitting this weekend. A wee child. (all her words mind you!) Well, I’ll dry her eyes and wipe her nose, but I’ll be damned if I wipe her ass…… hopefully she’s potty trained. : )

I am really looking forward to Cara’s visit – nothing but fiber and fun for four days (wow! that’s a lot of f’s!). Tomorrow we will be going out east for Peggy E. to give her a spinning lesson – Saturday will be a yarn crawl and perhaps some beach time ….. loads of fun for sure and lots of pictures too!

I actually got an early start on my fun with blogging friends weekend – I met Kathleen and Nancy for lunch today – where I was accused of being a dirty rotten skimmer. Which is all true – but the big news is that Nancy is getting me a stripper’s pole! Hope it’s reinforced steel or something.

gotta run and meet her train! more soon!!

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  1. I think that folks are worried that skimmers like us are going to take over. HAH! If I knew how to make those little button thingies then we could have one that proudly announces our skimming skills. Just sayin’.

    Have loads of fun with Cara. You’re a nice friend for babysitting her.

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