so who’s the banana head now?

that friend I mentioned earlier? well here’s what happened during a long and somewhat confusing conversation about the new HBO series Big Love, the show about polygamy.

I say something or other about the Bill Paxton character ….

she says, “what do you mean, the Bill Paxton character?”

I say, “I can’t think of his name, but the husband, the guy Bill Paxton plays”

she says, “Do you mean it’s not a reality series???!!”

~ case closed ~

7 thoughts on “so who’s the banana head now?

  1. Dearest Purling Bannana,
    In my defense, I only caught a couple of glimpses of the “Big Love” series. The scenes I saw were all in the home and the women were bickering about their time with the husband or their lack of time spent with him, or who slept with him on who’s time. I have since seen other scenes that clearly show it is not just another reality series. I stand corrected, and once you’ve read this I am redeemed.
    Love Ya!

  2. Unbelievable! You all are too funny and although it is not a “reality” show, it very well could be sans celebrities. The idea had to come from somewhere.

  3. It takes place in my ‘back yard’. There are people like that all around Utah. The sex in the show is over played (for obvious reasons). Polygamy IS a religion and while Big Love is TV and made to ‘sell’ it has some very true points.

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