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Did you guys see this?

He is Paul Potts and he just won the UK’s Who’s Got Talent program. A shy cell phone salesman with little self confidence. I got a bit teary and then had to watch his audition video too – also a stellar performance. ~sniff~

P5160017 P5160020

I finished both fronts of the Hex Coat! But here’s the weird thing …… although they were knit exactly alike and the proper amounts of stitches were bound off according to the directions, one side seems to have a greater angel of decrease than the other. I have checked,rechecked and triple checked this, but there it is. My guess is that my row gauge shifted somewhere along the way. Am I interested in ripping all of that moss stitch and trying to correct a problem that if noticable at all can be fixed during blocking? nah! The finished tally is: two fronts one sleeve. The back was cast on for last night during the Sopranos. (which btw, I am glad I tell you GLAD – did you hear that Cara?? – that I dropped HBO)

I am working diligently on the Hex because I told myself I would not start another project until it is done. And there is another project waiting in the wings. A glorious, fun, colorful project that I will tell you about later.

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fancy pig

Work continues on the Baby Surprise jacket. I feel the need to have a finished object and so I will press on with this project despite the fact that I received the yarn necessary to finish my % sweater and the other fact of Pomatomus socks in progress. It is actually knitting up rather quickly and I am enjoying the yarn.

I have had very few FO’s indeed for ’07 and have to turn that around. Not that there’s a race or anything, but still a girl has to have something to show for her efforts!

Here’s a recommendation for you – a friend and I went to the movies yesterday. We saw The Namesake. And we both loved it! If it is playing anywhere near where you are, go and see it. It is definitely worth the time and money.

From a cultural high to a canine low ……. Mr. Poe has developed a wicked case of gas. Nothing has changed – not his food, not his routine – nothing. The strange thing is, it only happens in the evening …… help! he’s killing us.

cute but stinky!