I love Lorber!

I couldn’t have said it better myself.  I discovered The Paper a few days ago and instantly added it to my DVR list.  Are you a fan too?  (it not, follow that first link and you will be convinced!)


Nessun dorma

Did you guys see this?

He is Paul Potts and he just won the UK’s Who’s Got Talent program. A shy cell phone salesman with little self confidence. I got a bit teary and then had to watch his audition video too – also a stellar performance. ~sniff~

P5160017 P5160020

I finished both fronts of the Hex Coat! But here’s the weird thing …… although they were knit exactly alike and the proper amounts of stitches were bound off according to the directions, one side seems to have a greater angel of decrease than the other. I have checked,rechecked and triple checked this, but there it is. My guess is that my row gauge shifted somewhere along the way. Am I interested in ripping all of that moss stitch and trying to correct a problem that if noticable at all can be fixed during blocking? nah! The finished tally is: two fronts one sleeve. The back was cast on for last night during the Sopranos. (which btw, I am glad I tell you GLAD – did you hear that Cara?? – that I dropped HBO)

I am working diligently on the Hex because I told myself I would not start another project until it is done. And there is another project waiting in the wings. A glorious, fun, colorful project that I will tell you about later.

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fancy pig

Work continues on the Baby Surprise jacket. I feel the need to have a finished object and so I will press on with this project despite the fact that I received the yarn necessary to finish my % sweater and the other fact of Pomatomus socks in progress. It is actually knitting up rather quickly and I am enjoying the yarn.

I have had very few FO’s indeed for ’07 and have to turn that around. Not that there’s a race or anything, but still a girl has to have something to show for her efforts!

Here’s a recommendation for you – a friend and I went to the movies yesterday. We saw The Namesake. And we both loved it! If it is playing anywhere near where you are, go and see it. It is definitely worth the time and money.

From a cultural high to a canine low ……. Mr. Poe has developed a wicked case of gas. Nothing has changed – not his food, not his routine – nothing. The strange thing is, it only happens in the evening …… help! he’s killing us.

cute but stinky!


I have died and gone to heaven. I recently discovered that my phone service allows me to do three way calling! I spent Sunday afternoon chatting with Vicki and Cara, Sunday night in my favorite chair, knitting and watching the Oscars with Cara and Flair. Then yesterday morning it was Ricki & Peggy. I have been sitting on a gold mine this entire time and never knew it! it’s triple the fun (now I sound like a gum commercial).

As I am typing this, I am watching the E! Channel’s Fashion Police show. They are claiming that viewers phoned in and declared Beyonce the best dressed. This is not to be believed. That woman looks like a perpetual pageant queen. Actually a very funny thing happened during Sunday’s Oscar phone call. Flair and I were saying how hideous Beyonce’s dress was and suddenly Flair thought she heard someone saying that Armani did the dress.

flair: OMG she just said Armani made that gown no way did Armani make that thing

me: are you sure she didn’t say My Mommy?

I hope that reads as funny as it was – it was a side splitter for sure!

Hopefully today will hold some laughs – I am off to do battle at D#2’s school. I was raised by teachers and I kid you not when I say that every female on my mother’s side of the family were teachers. I do not interfere, preferring to let them (both the kids and their teachers) do their jobs. This has been a wonderful policy and both girls have done marvelously well in school.

Well, D#2 has been accused of plagiarism. I take this kind of thing very very seriously and if I thought for one minute it were true, believe me heads would be rolling around here. I might be all fun and laughs with the girlfriends, but my daughters have an entirely different opinion of me. They think I’m kinda scary. And I am kinda scary. Anyway in a four page paper, the teacher claims that because D#2 did not cite the thesaurus used for translating one word of old English (they are studying Macbeth) that this is plagiarism and she should get a 0 for her work. None of the papers used citations. Up until this moment, D#2 has maintained a 98 average in this class and gets glowing comments on all progress reports. I would also like to add that this very teacher is also the faculty adviser for the National Honor Society. They had a preliminary meeting for all students eligible. When she walked into the room and took a head count, she announced that this was way too many students. Since that day she has accused five students of plagiarism. I think it’s a load of crap and I am requesting a meeting with the teacher, the principal, the guidance councilor and D#2. Wish me luck – I am so not used to this. I need to channel some calm yet fierce energy instead of this wild furious hysteria I am feeling.

and before I forget, your pig of the day

cheese is the fat man’s candy

This weekend had a little bit of everything …..

  • wind
  • rain
  • yardwork
  • a fabulous Halloween party where I got to meet Ginny. Although we had first met at Rhinebeck, this time we got to sit around and chat. She’s so cool that I will ignore our age difference. I will pretend that she’s my age, or I’m her age, or whatever. I just hope that when the daughters meet her, she doesn’t want to hang with them instead…… although D#2 does knit, so there’s always that risk ……
  • movies – I watched Grey Gardens with Flair last night. I had seen this movies before, but not the entire thing. Holy Cow. Watching Little Edie rock a sweater wrapped around her head for 2 hours was …. something else.
  • knitting! chugging away on the Kimono Shawl and The End is in sight. Thank God, because I am madly, truly, deeply sick of this project.

And now I am off to work. I shall leave you all with this quiz and a reminder that Cheese is Never Boring. Sometimes it’s the most interesting thing on the table …….

What Disney Ride Are You? Jungle Cruise

You’re boring, cheesy, and tame. You’re the jungle cruise!!

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necking at the movies

Wendy and I were having a small discussion about Netflix movies. We are both fans.

It is going to be rainy, windy and cold here. I don’t have to be anywhere until this afternoon and the house is clean, laundry done. Doesn’t that sound like the perfect recipe for movies & knitting? this is how it usually ends up ……