remedy …

a post in which I will give you some simple steps to take to counteract the effects of Daylight Saving Time, Blogger’s Ennui or General Malaise ….

  • gather up some of these:

cool friends aka Ricki & Peggy

  • go to one of these:

book signing!

  • there will be plenty of these:

good eats!

  • you will be sure to make some of these:

Mason_dixon_book_signing002 Mason_dixon_book_signing003
cool new friends Ann & Kay!

  • and you will definitely see some of these:

Mason_dixon_book_signing010 Mason_dixon_book_signing004 Mason_dixon_book_signing011
cool blogging friends, Cara & Wendy!

Voilá, end of Ennui!

17 thoughts on “remedy …

  1. Make sure people know that in that middle picture of me I was getting ready to cuss you out or something. Don’t want people to think I always look like that. Wendy’s too cute though, isn’t she?

  2. And dude. I’m hurt. I’m really really really really hurt. When, or WHEN am I going to graduate from blogging/internet/imaginary friend!!!! I took a crap in your house goddamnit!! I think that makes me real.

  3. Hahaha, I can hear Cara’s voice in MY head! ; )

    She’s just as cute as Wendy (they’re like peas & pearl onions) and Ricki & Peggy (and I see you in the mirror, too!) — Ann & Cara, Cara & Wendy, Ann & Kay, Ricki & Peggy, Ann & Cara & Kay & Ann & Wendy & Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice & lions & tigers & bears. OH MY!!!

    I’m glad you had fun. ; )

  4. A. When will I learn to moisturize.
    B. Despite (A), I like that weird picture of Wendy, me and Cara. Cinema verite at its best.

    Saw no signs of ennui so it must be gone. All you needed was fluorescent lighting and salty snax! xoxo Kay

  5. It was such a hoot to meet you at SeaPort last week.. sorry it took me so long to get back here.. leaving shortly for trip south.. but darn i will them gang in dc.. i’ll be heading straight south to hilton head island.. not west.. but hope to get tog again when i get back to nyc in 10 days.. toodles happy holidays :-) karola
    that nut that was behind you hee..hee..

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