so, so close ….

Last night’s spinning guild meeting was fairly exciting and so I did not quite complete the socks.


This pattern widened my sock knitting repertoire to include a French Heel and a Rounded Toe. I surprised myself by liking them both – especially the rounded toe. I love the way the two sided decrease toe looks and feels and truly didn’t think I would like this other method – but I was wrong! Here is a closer look at the pattern stitch in the cuff. I will say that it shows up much better when the sock in being worn, but here goes …..


I need to finish these up and find a new project quic! We are going on a road trip tomorrow to visit D#1 and also spend some time with my Brother and SiL. I will be needing another sock pattern for extended car ride knitting.

and although none of you has asked ~ahem~ I just know you have been missing seeing little black pug pictures …… and I always say to give the people what they want. Actually, I never say that, but maybe I’ll start. This is what he as been doing as I have been typing this post – do you think he’s trying to tell me something?

please note that Mr. Poe does not really have demonically possessed blue eyes – they’re more a demonically possessed brown.

10 thoughts on “so, so close ….

  1. Now that looks like a pug that is expecting something… very cute!

    Have a great trip — sounds like fun (and like I could use something like that myself). ; )

  2. Mr Poe looks just like my Max looks when he is trying to get me to abandon whatever it is that I am doing in favor of entertaining him. Or letting him snuggle on my lap, or feed him, or take him outside… You get the idea… ;)

    I have missed the pictures of all your wonderful pets. How are those kitties doing?

  3. I see you went with the dapply sunlight. Excellent choice.

    Poe looks like he misses me. He’s looking right at me saying Whip ME! Whip ME GOOD!

  4. Poe seems to be saying “soooooo, what’s a guy gotta do to get your attention. Gheeesh” Have a great weekend Ann and as always, it was great with share a few laughs last night.

  5. I love the colors in the sock, and very clever heels and toes! I’ve missed Poe!(And since I’ve been watching a lot of British mysteries and sitcoms lately, I’ve been wondering why “poe-faced” is a term used to indicate that someone is sad or mad? Clearly they have never met your POE!)

  6. I love the socks! I like a round toe – that’s all I’ve done. I’m afraid to try a Kitchener (however it’s spelled!) Stitch.

    Hehe! Demonically blue eyes!

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