Just waiting for D#2 to come home from school and then we shall hit the road. First stop is in Brooklyn to pick up the Boar and then westward ho!

The car knitting is all set – another sock is being born. I am using StR in Petroglyphs to make an online Interweave pattern called Diagonal Rib by Ann Budd. It is looking pretty cool so far – I would show you, but the camera is already packed.

Our friend Nancy is here to babysit the dogs. Nancy loves the poochies and the poochies love her. It’s a real love fest. Around here they call her Full Scoop Nancy. (I have a measuring cup in the dog food bin to dole out their meals, Nancy disregards this entirely and just feeds them up) So they will be fat, spoiled and happy.

Have I told you that D#2 will be bunking with her sister this weekend? When the Boar and I arrive, we shall drop D#2 off at the school. We will meet up with them both tomorrow for a bit of family time and then the Boar and I are heading to Rochester to visit the relations. Yes, this means that my darling little soon-to-be-16 year old is spending a weekend at college. A party weekend.

Do you sense trouble?

I have informed D#1 that it is her job to keep her sister sober and pure.

: )

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  1. It’ll be good sister bonding, hm? Have a great time!

    “Full Scoop Nancy” reminds me of a friend the kids would call “Lipstick Linda” — she’d always insist on kissing them and always leave a mark!

  2. I guess this would not be a good time to tell you about the first time I spent a party weekend at my sister’s college when I was 16.

    Have a great weekend.

  3. The dorm is going to look at her and say HMMMMMMM good. You are in trouble. And did I tell you once they bond, you are on the outside looking in. I always feel like they are planning an uprising. Paranoia perhaps on my part? I doubt I it. Have a great time.

  4. Have fun! Actually, knitting on cartrips looks like the most fun and quite tidy, too. I’ve tried making quilt squares in the car. There are just too many little bits to keep track of, and then tiny snips of thread get stuck on your clothes and the seats.

  5. PURE?? hahaha D.#’1 will feed her to the wolves Ann-Wait till those college boys check her out! but gee have a good weekend anyhow!
    ( loved Your comment today ONLY you would read it that way!) xo

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