100 pounds of lard on my ass, 100 pounds of lard …

… you take one down, pass it around – 99 pounds of lard on my ass!


The excitement at Chez Swine is palpable. Not only did horsey-man shit again, today is the eve of my very first contest! Have you entered? So far I have 77 entries – I wonder if we can make it an even hundred for my Journey of 100 Steps contest?

Send me an email (purlingswine (at) yahoo (dot) com) by 5:00 p.m. EST on May 2nd (today!!) with your name/email/blog (if applicable) and the words “weigh to go” in the subject line. easy peesy!

What will you win? Trekking XXL – and let me remind you of my clever use of trekking (journey) and xxl (me at the moment) – and other assorted delights! You will also win the envy of everyone who did not win! now, how can you beat that combo??

How about a finished little something?

duck feet booties
50 Baby Bootees to Knit
by Zoe Mellor

couldn’t ya just die?!

14 thoughts on “100 pounds of lard on my ass, 100 pounds of lard …

  1. The duck booties are adorable! Those are on my list – I even have the yarn – I just haven’t gotten to them yet. Were they pretty quick?

  2. the booties are quacking adorable. Yay for horsey man. I bet he’s smiling big time now. I’m doing the trekking chant over here.

  3. Yay for horse poop!!

    The duck booties are great! I made a pair for my cousin’s baby (being born as.we.speak) and they are the cutest booties ever!!

  4. Those booties belong on cuteoverload.com! I’d write them a poem, but I don’t think I could write something cute enough to do them justice!

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