Beverly G, c’mon down!

39 is your lucky number today! Through the use of a very intricate Random Number Generator, your email was in the 39th position. Here is a look at the winning ticket


Would you also like a closer look at the very intricate Random Number Generator?

these things can be kind of goofy sometimes

it was another losing week at WW! I lost 1.8 lbs, which brings my total up to 11.4! I am expecting this rate to slow down soon – although I am secretly hoping it doesn’t, of course!

This contest has been so much fun – I have thoroughly enjoyed reading everyone’s emails and visiting their blogs. btw ….. Maryellen? everytime I visit your site, my computer gives me the boot …… I don’t know what is going on or why (and Cara will tell you that she thinks my use of aol is completely lame). I don’t remember this ever happening before, but it has happened the last three times. I think you may be blowing my mind! When I am done with this entry, I will try again and if I am successful, I will post a retraction ……

How about a peek at what Beverly G. is winning? In honor of the first 10 pounds of my Journey of 100 Steps (which should be read with overtones of sarcastic mystical awe) I have decided to pamper the feet!

Trekking XXL in pretty spring colors
and a pedicure set!

update: Maryellen – do nothing rash! I just tried getting to your site through Internet Explorer and had no problem – egads, could Cara be right?? or maybe there’s sometime going on with my laptop …..

6 thoughts on “Beverly G, c’mon down!

  1. Nice yarn and footie things. :)

    Yay for the weight loss! You are inspiring – I’m working on moving around more, got on the (hellish) stairclimber today.

    Horse poo?

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