Darlings, I am alive & well. I did not bleed to death. I may have exaggerated that part a smidge. However, as I was telling Norma, I think this bit about only bleeding a thimbleful is a bunch of bullshit. It’s somewhere between bleeding to death and thimbles.

As predicted, I was up ½ pound at WW weigh in last night. Which thankfully wasn’t as bad as I thought it might be. I have a great core recipe on the stove, so this week is off to a good start!

I had my knitting/spinning posse over yesterday for a get together. They got me going on a vest for Boar using my handspun. I am even going to write the pattern myself! That’s a bit scary. I just want a pullover v-neck, which seems straightforward. But there are lots of numbers involved and that’s the scary part. Fortunately, while Boar might not know about what to cook on Mother’s Day he is a mathematical whiz kid and I can ask him to help with that part.

hope you all have a great Wednesday!

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  1. Do you suppose it was the burger or the fries? ; ) I remained exactly the same, which is also quite miraculous.

    Get going on that vest so we can take a peek!

  2. Yeah, the whole thimbleful theory must have been made up by a MAN. Bastards. (Can you guess what I’m doing right now? It’s not cleaning my oven, either.)

  3. I heard that thimbleful of blood info too from a male teacher in high school!!!!!! It’s such a MALE thing to say. I absolutely do not believe that theory is correct. I’m glad that you didn’t bleed to death though.

  4. Not bad! Personally, I think it was water retention.

    Can’t wait to see Boar’s vest! And he’s going to help design it too. (The Math, it is crucial).

  5. A thimbleful – riiiiiight. I’ve always wondered where they get that number.

    You have to ask yourself: if I poured a thimbleful of water on a tampon, would the tampon be “full”? The answer is: yes. So then, how many tampons does one typically “fill” during an average period? MORE THAN ONE, that’s for sure.

    I hear your plight. It’s always like that for me. Not to get all graphic on someone else’s blog, but you know that scene in The Shining, where the elevator doors open, and all the blood floods out? Yeah, like that. On the up side, it rarely lasts longer than 3 days.

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