he’s my number one!

D#2 had a band concert last night. First on the line up was Star Wars Imperial March – Darth Vader’s Theme. I turned to Boar (who is a fan of all things outerspacy) and said, “wow hon, look what they’re playing – are you going to get up and dance?”

He turns to me with great Trekkie disdain and says, “It’s not the Cantina Song.”

he’s all pointy ears and nanu-nanu,



The Trellis Scarf is coming along nicely. I had a moment where I thought I was almost finished and was so happy and pleased to be nearing the end. I was mentally congratulating myself on my return to lace (I have knit lace patterns, but they were pre-blog) I even seemed to be knitting faster. And then I realized I had miscounted and I was nearing the halfway point!! That was a bit deflating. I am now 7 pattern repeats away from the end border pattern – so the end is in sight! I get loads of compliments on this – how about a closer look?

ps. I tried to take a picture of my vest swatch, but have failed miserably. Will give it another go – maybe when I finished the swatch.

17 thoughts on “he’s my number one!

  1. Your scarf is beautiful. Not quite sure I understand how ‘just about halfway’ can be confused with ‘just about done’, but perfectly happy to gloss over that. Where’s the pattern from? I seem to have the memory of a gnat these days, so if you’ve already told us, just point me in the right direction.

  2. Wow these school bands are improving on their selections, at Joeys they played a Les Mis medley. I remember one year they played “in the good ole summer time” It would have been okay, except it was the Winter concert?? ( Thanks for all your help yesterday Ann! )

  3. What is it with that cantina scene? People LOVE that scene over all other scenes…and I mean, really, the makeup’s good and all…but I just don’t get the enduring attraction.

  4. Nanu-nanu! Pointy ears! Beam me up, Scottie! Stardates!!! ; )

    Love the scarf. I love your little deflation story, and I’m glad that you’re reinflated. I think… that sounds weird.

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