I is for ……

Irish Diamond Shawl which I Intend to knit. And look what conveniently arrived in yesterday’s mail, just in time for my “i” …….


That is Jaggerspun Zephyr in a color called Basil. I got it on Ebay and I will say that the color on the ebay site is much more true that my picture. I took that snapshot yesterday and maybe it was too sunny. Although I took it in a shady spot exactly as instructed (by someone who knows more about this type of thing than I do)!

I is also for Invitation!
Care to come sit & knit?

fun things are planned for this evening ….. I am meeting Cara & Kay and we are heading to The Point for Wendy’s book signing!

**It has just occurred to me – I don’t know if I ever did my H! gah, I am screwing up the ABC Along. Perhaps mine could be the Dyslexic ABC Along?

***Nevermind. I just checked – my H was homebody. Go back to your regularly scheduled blog reading.

8 thoughts on “I is for ……

  1. Oh! The Point with Cara & Kay!! I haven’t seen Wendy’s book yet, but having been reading good things about it. Have a blast.

    Sure wish I could accept your invitation… looks VERY inviting. ; )

  2. Have fun at The Point. I’d meet you over there but Avery gets home late from a school trip tonight so two parents are needed, one to stay home with a (hopefully) sleeping little one and one to go pick up the big one.

  3. I’m so jealous that you all get to go to The Point togther to see Wendy. By the way, a mutual friend of ours will also be there. The lovely and talented Bakerina! Give her a hug for me, would you? Soooooo jealous. Yes, I am.

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