so Ann, how was your day in the City?

I must say that Cara has done an excellent job detailing our adventures. Go over and read her post and then come back here.

Okay, so we really did have a great day walking all over the place and laughing it up. But here are a Few things I would like to say on the subject:

  • She left out the part about all of us trying to find each other in Penn Station. Even with cell phones fully functioning, it was a bit tricky. Particularly funny and creepy was Cara sneaking up behind me and really sort of freaking me out and then the both of us having the damnedest time finding Kay. She’s wily, that one.
  • I do not walk slowly. Cara told everyone that walking with me was “dude, like when you are driving 85 mph and then get stuck behind someone going 60 mph and if feels like you are going 20 mph.” In her analogy, I am the one going 60 mph. This is NOT slow. It is just not freakishly fast.
  • I had no idea where we were for most of the day. We went to Purl, I thought we were at the Point. My discombobulation was so great I didn’t know we were lost in the rain in SoHo until I read about it on Cara’s site this morning.
  • I only sort of called her squares crap. When you’re looking at beach pictures on her site with 43 year old eyes, you might wonder out loud what that crap hanging from the beach umbrella is. You might also be on the phone with the beach goer when these words spring forth from your mouth. When you get a better look at these squares you will agree that they are most definitely not crap, not some kind of weird seaweed that has attached itself to her beach umbrella.
  • I would also like to restate for the record how great it was to hang out with fellow knitters and bloggers! I got to meet Bakerina (yay!!) who is even better in real life than she is on her blog, I chatted on the phone with Snow who has a deeper voice than I had imagined. I also met Katy a new-to-me blogger and her fabulous sweater. That girl can knit. And of course the Belle of the Ball, Wendy herself!

another girl who can knit!

would you like to see some more pictures from the day? Sure you would! I have a few right here …

kissy faces with Bruce

the look you will get when you
pick the best brownie on the plate

bad city bunnies

10 thoughts on “so Ann, how was your day in the City?

  1. Mmmmmmmmmmwah. :) What a Grand Night Out it was, indeed. Thank you, m’love.

    So will there be another day in the City soon? If the thought of doing the Penn Station dance all over again is too wearing, consider this: Astoria is on the way. Sort of. Once you get off the train at Woodside, and then ride the 7 to Queensboro Plaza and then switch to the N…honestly, it’s a doddle! :)

    I absolutely, positively love the fact that you didn’t know you were lost in the rain in Soho until you read about it at Cara’s this morning. If ever there were a pair who needed their own show, it’s you two. I think the phrase “comedy stylings of…” was coined expressly for the two of you.

  2. You guys had a fun day! Do you remember where you saw that bunny? I’d love to hunt that one down when I’m in NY–I’ve got a friend who would love it!

  3. You all crack me up.. i’m sort of like Cara inthe walking mode.. well without the crutches or cane.. ugh.. can’t wait to get back to that speed (85) hee..hee.. i love you side of the day’s events.. so funny :-) thanks for the smiles you are generating from me :-) karola
    (we met at the MasonDixon signing at SeaPort Yarns.. it was a blast :-) karola

  4. Sounds like fun – and I loved reading the two different versions on your two blogs. I can’t wait to meet Bakerina and Snow next month at Estes!

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