7 thoughts on “heads are gonna roll.

  1. Dear Ann without an E:

    We are sorry you were overlooked when we were scouting about for subjects for our pugumentary. However, we were led astray by your piggish blog. A simple typo of an “i” for a “u,” and we were throw off the scent.

    Now, when it comes time for the PIGumentary, should we give you a call or not? We are still somewhat confused.


    The Pugumentarists

  2. Dear Pugumentarists,

    Ah me, all for the want of a vowel and my poor little puggies are overlooked. Sad really. And to think how your pugumentary has suffered without their inclusion! I shall rest assured that your Pugumentary Part Deux will prominently procure my pugs’ places in the canine firmament.

    puggy, piggy & proud,

    purling, pugging swine

    ps. for all things porcine, do call!

  3. It’s pugilists, no? Isn’t that a real word?

    I saw the last 15 minutes of this show last night, and nearly died with pug love. Especially the memorial thing with the guy who had the 20 year old adopted pug. BOO HOO!!!! Their old faces are like old people!

    That pug in the store, Tank? Oh my god, 38 pounds of pug! xox Kay

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