I finished the Trellis Scarf last night! Hip Hip Hooray! Today I will be blocking it and am going to follow Yarn’s Harlot instructions. I have high hopes for that string through the edges portion …..


A little bit ago, I won a contest at anapurls with a winning guess of golf club covers. Yesterday’s mail brought the spoils – look at the great prize she sent! The needle case is so elegant,and the stitch markers so pretty. Any ideas on a project for the Patagonia? I love the way that stuff feels! Anyway, a big giant thank you to Ana!

Yesterday’s mail had another package. It was a bonanza – gotta love getting packages! This one from Amazon – Mother’s Day provided the perfect excuse to expand my knitting library …..


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  1. I’m knitting a wee baby raglan in my Patagonia, only because I couldn’t bring myself to buy enough for a Jennifer-sized raglan.

    Now I just need to find a baby-sized person…


  2. Yay :) I’m so glad you liked the goodies. It was hard to find something “swine” related so when I saw the pez holder, I had to grab it :) I have the Finishing Techniques which I acquired at the shop that is closing and I just purchased the Big Girl Knits. I think I need a bookshelf now. Yay for packages. Yesterday was a happy mail day for me too!

  3. holy shit! you can open a purling swine knitting library! im jealous! it was nice to read about your adventures in nyc.

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