Dear Cara & Vicki,

I thought you two might like to see what the Spam folks are up to. Poetry – and haiku no less!

SPAM, too, needs a wife
What consort for my Pork Prince?
Ah! The Velveeta!

Seeing that you are both fans of ye olde Spaghettios, the pressure must really be on. Put down your forks, straws or whatever it is that you use to eat your canned treat and pick up those pens!

Good luck ladies!

[click here for more Spam Haiku!]

2 thoughts on “

  1. Where in the world do you FIND these things? The Emperor & Coke, Spam & Haiku… Or perhaps I should be asking “How?” Or maybe I might really not want to know…
    ; )

  2. I do believe that a challenge has been thrown into the ring. I love a good challenge! Please be sure to share with all of us! Have a wonderful Memorial Day.

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