with a twist ….

In her post today, Cara mentioned that things seem to be quiet in blogland. And it’s true, I’ve noticed it too and I’ve also been feeling it myself.

As the temperatures start to climb, I seem to have less and less to say. Well, that’s not exactly true, as you’ll find if you call me on the phone. I should say, I seem to have less and less inclination to type it all out. And it’s not that I don’t want to blog – I do! I do!! (you’re not getting rid of me that easily). Maybe having a hot laptop on my thighs is like knitting a woolen afghan.

All the sunshine and balmly breezes are making me a bit languid. A bit gin-and-tonics-on-the-porch-ish.

man, that sounds good.

and another thing – would it be wrong to have chocolate cake right before Ye Olde WW Weighe Inne?

13 thoughts on “with a twist ….

  1. Not chocalate cake mocha cake which is chocalte cake but with mocha icing from the Ritz bakery in Spring Lake New Jersey. Of course neither of us live there and the bakery closed but what can I say…

  2. Nope, not wrong :-) Go have cake. I am going to have a mashed potato bowl from KFC for lunch. Mashed potatos, gravy, cheese, fried chicken

    SO not on my weight loss plan! And I don’t care…can you hea me yell… I DON’T CARE! :-)

  3. Carole is so smart.
    Can’t you stand in the pool with the lap top on the edge, the G&T beside it and type a post? Sounds like heaven. Or you could start knitting a Log Cabin.

  4. I am a highly suggestible person. So now I’m sitting at my desk craving a gin and tonic.

    Have you read the Hitchiker’s Guide books? I think they are what started my love of gin and tonics.

    Anyway, blog when you want. Knit when you want. Eat cake when you want (though I tend to agree with Carole). No worries.

  5. You need to sit poolside with your gin and tonic and then blog. It’s the only way to blog in the Summer.

    Listen to Carole she’s obviously very wise.

  6. I was going to say yes, have the cake before the weigh-in, as it won’t have time to register as weight yet. But I think Carole’s idea is smarter. I think I’m full of crap. :)

  7. I agree have the cake after the weigh in!!! Blogland does seem a little slower now, but then I’m new to it(4months). Maybe this is a trend that happens every summer, and come fall it will be back to normal.

  8. well i’m still here. maybe you aren’t reading the right blogs?

    like mine?


    eat the cake after the weigh in — and get one of those kfc bowls for me. i’m this close to getting one myself one of these days.

  9. I agree with Carole – cake AFTER the weigh in!

    I haven’t been feeling like bloggin, either. I seem to lose track of time in the summer. The day goes by quickly, time to pick QP up from day camp. Play around with the pool chemicals/filter,etc. Eat supper. Time to get QP ready for the next day& then off to bed.

    (so I haven’t felt like posting to my blog but I type a post-length comment on YOUR blog **rolling my eyes**) :-)

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