I am a palm pilot junkie. I have had one for many years and cannot be without it. I endure a fair amount of teasing because of it — I have everything in there – addresses, lists, calendars etc. Whenever anyone asks about it, I go on and on. I am in love with my pda!

In all of this time, it never occured to me to have a scheming schedule. I have always been more of a free spirit schemer – scheming whenever the mood struck ……


When you obsess on your adversaries, you risk becoming like them. The more you shape your life through your responses to things you don’t like, you invite them to define your destiny. You’ll have to be on guard against falling prey to this mistake in the coming weeks, Aquarius. While I don’t suggest that you totally ignore the forces that oppose you, neither do I recommend that you regularly wake up in the middle of the night and spend hours plotting your next ten moves against them. Confine your scheming to a circumscribed period–say every Saturday between 11:30 a.m. and noon–and devote the rest of your time to creating what you love.

[horoscope via Free Will Astrology]

9 thoughts on “

  1. Neato. I’m hopin that the scheming schedule is correct for those of us who are Aquarius rising as well.

    BTW, I received a splendid little package in the mail last night. Thank you, dearest!

  2. I can confirm your palm pilot addiction. Trying to “hook up” with my office manager. Sounded almost like carnal knowledge. You guys never seemed to get it together. You are a nut!!

  3. Wow, I love that horoscope! I get to ignore all the rules that I don’t like or disagree with this week — in stealth mode, of course, because I’m a Scorpio…

  4. i used to be addicted to my palm…now i have my blackberry, or crackberry…it’s so way cooler than the palm….try it….you can always say no…its just a try….

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