Kay’s Little Can of Whup Ass

Have you come here from Kay’s? Are you looking for more pictures of our girl fight? sorry to disappoint, but I got nothing.

don’t let her petite, ladylike blondness fool you ….. she’s scrappy, she is.

Actually I do have one picture …… Our assigned meeting spot was right across from Penn Station at the corner of 31st and 8th. Look at what is there! Was that an omen of good things to come or what?


11 thoughts on “Kay’s Little Can of Whup Ass

  1. It sounds like a blast of a day — to be sure, much, much better than mine — but it does raise two questions:

    1. Would Kay like to join us in our Grand Central Market crawl?

    2. Can I trust the two of you to not resort to hair-pulling and flinging handfuls of cornichons at each other? ;)

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