Here’s what has happened since I hit the publish button on that entry yesterday ….

  • D#2 left early in the morning to compete in a horse show.
  • D#1 arrived via Jet Blue to surprise her sister.
  • We start preparations for the surprise party we are throwing for her later that evening.
  • I also start praying because it is supposed to be a pool party and the weather is not looking good.
  • In a fit of hopefulness I mow the lawn and pooper scoop the yard.
  • I also clean the house and begin to decorate the basement in a fit of reality.
  • We get a phone call from D#2 saying that she hurt herself at the horse show with a gash on the underside of her chin and a chipped tooth (which thankfully turned out to be one of her molars)
  • Boar picks her up at the show and they go first to the pediatrician where she gets her Sweet 16 tetnus shot and the off to the ER for her Sweet 16 stitches in the chin (which actually ended up being ‘dermabonded’ which is just fancy talk for paste. My baby has been pasted back together again!)
  • that whole process took a good 3 hours during which:
  • the skies seemed to explode and the rain was tremendous.
  • my shed began to flood so I spent some time sweeping that out.
  • and came inside to reattach the crepe paper streamers that my cat had taken issue with.
  • the party was a surprise and was held indoors – lots of 16-18 year olds in my house. They cleared out at 12:30.
  • everyone seemed to have a good time.
  • I spent an hour cleaning up after the party
  • taught my knitting class this morning where they seemed to have all perfected the art of synchronized dropped stitches.
  • got home from that and hosted a little luncheon for my Aunt and her friend who stopped in on their way to JFK for a trip abroad.
  • while Boar took everyone back to JFK, including D#1, I began emptying out our pantry for painting and reshelving work.
  • later on today we are going to the dentist for D#2’s Sweet 16 Molar grinding.

I’m pooped!

14 thoughts on “

  1. Surprise! Surprise!

    Oh, poor D#2. At least she didn’t suffer the Sweet 16 broken nose. Thank goodness it’s just a chip and a cut — and fixed with only paste and a little grinding!

    Poor darlings, all of you.

    I can’t wait to hear all about progress on *my* pantry. Can’t help it, I’m feeling proprietary, knowing that we’re destined to be linked forever… “Oh, we re-did the pantry back in, um, oh yes, it must have been 2006 — when Vicki was here for Rhinebeck!” (There’s that R-word again…)

  2. I’m tired just reading it all. I was on the phone with Cara when you called. So good that she wasn’t hurt any worse. Take a load off your feet and relax, grrlfriend!

  3. Wait, I’m confused. When, exactly, did the baking of the birthday cake take place?

    (ducks and covers to avoid richly-deserved swatting)

    Darling, you are the Party Multitasking Queen. I’m so glad that it went well, even with the Rains from Hell, and that D2 has been pasted back together.

  4. ANN!
    The party was very successful, everyone had a blast and it was great to see you again! Thanks so much for hosting and making the party such a good one!

    Love You.

  5. Well at least they all went back to where they came from…

    Sounds like a good time was had by all – love that knitting class reference – anyone come in with a mess in their lace project?

  6. OH Ann! I read through your first few bullets yesterday and was called away, today I read about D2’s tooth! Poor baby, thank goodness it wasn’t a front tooth! Nick injured his and it loosened- Long story- Lots of trips to dentist! Troopers that you all are – The party still went on and I bet it was great! I cancelled my whole work day today- cause- ” I’m in a place called Vertigo”- It is wicked! I will talk to you soon. xox

  7. Wow, you folks sure know how to party! (“Mom? I want to go to the ER for my birthday this year. Can I Can I Can I?”) Not exactly what you hope for, but thankfully, not for anything too serious. But, ouch!

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