Vicki, this one’s for you!


Witness the magnificence that is my pantry! The Boar and I worked all weekend on the pantry and our linen closet. Both were emptied (no easy feat with the pantry) the existing shelving ripped out, painted, reshelved and restocked.

I keep going in there just to gaze upon my larder. I love my larder.

10 thoughts on “Vicki, this one’s for you!

  1. Oh I’m so jealous! My larder is still just a crappy pantry but we’ve been talking about how to make it wonderful. Unfortunately it’s low on the priority list and the last 3 houses I’ve visited all pushed me to serious larder-envy. Yours has pushed me over the top. I’ve got a few spare hours I’m not using when it’s dark and quiet, I might just have to get a project like this going. You have made a work of art!

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